• Yasss for sure

    Kids love going to the park. Sometimes they could be too crowded or something and they won't want to go. Parks promote going outdoors rather than staying inside and playing video games phones ipods and etc. Also some kids aren't able to go to the park with friends cause its too far. With more parks more kids will go. The more parks the more kids outdoores.

  • More Local Parks A Good Thing

    Yes, there should be more local parks. Parks promote nature and beauty, and having a few more of those in every town would certainly not hurt things. The tranquility of parks can cause someone to calm down, perhaps making them less prone to violent outbursts and crime. So the more parks, the merrier!

  • A Caveat: let nature be nature in many cases

    While I am not vehemently against local parks, I think expanding parks may be something that when a budgeter looks at, can have a small budget, not a large one. This is because, in rural areas, and other parts of the United States, nature creates "parks" and if the land is free, then men can walk amongst those natural parks.

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