Should there be more Muslim outreach centers in America like the WTC Muslim Center in New York City?

  • They Should Be Allowed

    I believe there should be more Muslim outreach centers in America like the WTC Muslim Center in New York City. The problem with these centers is that American extremists are completely against them. How un-American can we be? Not all Muslims are terrorists, stop affiliating your beliefs with stereotypes. You're not helping society.

  • Yes, Muslims would be well served by increasing their outreach efforts.

    More than a decade after 9/11, most people in America know very little about Islam. Increasing outreach to the American public and showing how similar Islam is to Christianity (and what ways it is different) would do a great deal to humanize Muslims. The simple fact is that almost every American military engagement since 1990 has involved a Muslim nation, and we see Muslims as enemies more than neighbors.

  • Yes, I think there should be moer Muslim outreach centers in America.

    I think that as long as the organizers feel that an outreach center could be effective in a community then they should build one there, I think Muslims in general are peaceful and kind and I think with more education to the general American public overall opionion of Muslims would improve.

  • Muslim's do not need outreach centers.

    Muslims that come to America are likely to run into some religious fueled hatred. This is no different from a Christian going to a Muslim country like Iran or Egypt. There are those within each faith that act beyond the confines of the religion in its name. That is the unfortunate fact. However, in this country, such actions are not state sanctioned. Hate crimes stemming from religious persecution are illegal and the practice of religion should be free. Outreach centers are not necessary. Mosques are. That is essentially what a Mosque does, is provide members of Islam to have a place to practice their faith and get support.

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