Should there be more national debates featuring evolution versus creationism?

  • It was interesting.

    Yes, there should be more national debates featuring evolution versus creationism, because it is interesting to watch. Having a public debate is a good way to draw attention to an issue. People are interested in it, so they are more likely to want to talk about it. We all paid attention to Bill Nye.

  • Yes, it's beneficial.

    Though there is no debate really, or argument for Creationism, it is good that a few debates occur since there are so many who still believe this creationist nonsense. Debates create an opportunity for creationist believers to be exposed to reality and scientific evidence--hopefully starting them on a course of self discovery and investigation of evidence.

  • Evidence supports Evolution

    There are mountains of evidence supporting evolution. Geology, genetics, paleontology, astronomy, physics, radioactive decay, ice core sampling, and histology all support the Theory of Evolution. This evidence is peer reviewed and has multiple lines of supporting evidence.

    Creationism has no evidence. Only a dogmatic adherence to a narrow interpretation of one version of the bible.

    Case closed.

  • That'd be pointless.

    Just what would national debates do? It'd only drive more bridges into society, wouldn't it? It'd be like: people who believe in evolution Vs people who believe in creationism. It's simple. No one believes in the exact same things. Everyone will never believe in the exact same things. So, really, there's no point in debating it; it won't get anywhere, and it certainly won't change people's opininons.

  • There's really no point.

    Evolution is the unifying theme in biology. If a person refuses evolution, they refuse our current understanding of biology. Creationism is mythology with no empirical or anecdotal evidence to support it. There is nothing to be argued or gained from a national debate of evolution vs. Creationism, only anger and disputes. The reality is that creationism isn't worth arguing over.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I believe most people can agree that the theory of evolution is far stronger than that of creationism. We don't need to debate this nationally because the only ones holding onto creationism are the ones who uphold the Bible as scientific fact. You can't change these peoples minds with straight forward facts, so what's the point in trying to debate with them?

  • There should not be national debates on evolution vs creationism

    The debate between evolution and creationism is based in church related beliefs and therefore should not be debated nationally. Those debates should be held within the framework of individual beliefs. Science has proven evolution theories and can back up their opinions with fact. National debates on the subject continue to bring church into the governmental realm which is against what our country was founded upon.

  • No, people have already made up their mind on the topic.

    No, the pop culture aspect of the situation only downplays its significance. The people don't need to see it on television because they're already made up their minds. A televised debate will not change their minds. When they see that kind of thing, before anyone says anything, people have made up their minds.

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