Should there be more oversight of organizations that claim to be charities?

Asked by: JuliaD
  • Accomodate more transparency

    Most of the so called trust organisations or charities are based on ethics of trust value. An entity incorporated for public welfare is expected to follow this code. But, the neo-liberal economic context of all the interlinked spheres of globalisation has promoted a self interest among each of such entities. Here, they seem to defy the very purpose, for some vested interest, in turn influencing their governance. Good governance of this agenda demands an oversight though may not be of the level to completely regularise these. When a corruption bug has intruded the mind, symptoms last long.

  • Yes of course

    Too many fake charities are popping up out of nowhere, and it's just people who know that good, unselfish people will donate to X charity, so they make up a fake charity and get free money that most of them just blow off on drugs, cigarettes, and their rent. I mean really! Get a job! By making up these "charities" they're practically STEALING!

  • Too many loopholes allowing unethical practices

    Obviously there are a number of wonderful charities out there who go by the book and truly help the cause they claim. However, there are far too many that set up "charitable organizations" to solicit donations and funnel them into "for-profit" businesses leaving fractions to go towards the actual cause. Charitable organizations should be held to specific guidelines as to how much of their donation pool goes to covering their "operating expenses" and how much ends up going to those in need. Right now, there are simply too many loopholes allowing companies like the ones listed in the link below that are taking advantage of people by claiming to be a charity, but instead syphering the majority of donations to everything but the cause.


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