• Banks need big brother

    2008 was a nightmare. Financial recession that Americans will be feeling the effects of for many years to come. Banks lend with risk thrown on the shoulders of the American financial system with reckless abandon. Every bank that teetered on the edge either needed a bailout or was going to pull the entire country down with it. Depression part 2! This is why we have stricter government regulations on banks and should continue to look at every way to keep 2008 from happening again.

  • Yes There Should

    I believe there should be more regulations for big banks. Prior to the recession banks were granted more and more freedom as long held regulations were picked apart and dropped by the government. The result was the housing market bubble. Since less regulation led to problems, I believe it makes sense to put some of these regulations back in place. I also think we should make it clear that no bank should be so big that it can't fail.

  • Yes, there should be more regulations for big banks.

    I think that big banks should be regulated a lot more by the government. I do think some sort of control needs to take place, especially since a lot of them were bailed out by the government a few years ago. When an enterprise like a bank can act callously without repurcussions, some things need to change.

  • Yes, there should be more regulations for big banks.

    More regulation is needed because big banks should operate for the benefit of the consumer and the economy in which it exist. It is important that the dealing of big banks be transparent to consumers and stockholders. Additionally, big banks need more regulation in order to avoid false accounting practices and distributing money unfairly or unethically.

  • Yes, banks should be more heavily regulated

    One of the main causes of the financial crisis was big banks behaving irresponsibly with money. They were lending money that they didn't have to people who couldn't afford to pay it back. They took incredible risks with our money, and we all ended up paying the price. Much of this could have been prevented with common sense regulations.

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