• No = CNBC

    Banks definitely should be regulated to keep a stable and promising financial statusquo. I wish the Glass-Steagall act would also be reenacted as well, which prevented banks from gambling with their clients' finances and so on. Quoting from Investopedia, "Commercial banks, around the world, were saddled with billions of dollars in losses due to the excessive exposure of their investment banking arms to derivatives and securities that were tied to U.S. home prices." This was on the brink of the 2008 recession, and since banks were NOT regulated, they were allowed to play with money and mortgages that would otherwise not have been their direct demise.

  • Banking Industry Regulates Itself, Badly

    Banks claim that too many regulations will slow down their money-making capabilities and that this would somehow be bad for everyone else. In point of fact, regulations on banks benefit average everyday people who do not have a lot of money. The wealthy CEOs are the only ones whose lifestyles are cramped by regulations that forbid making the kinds of financial mistakes that led to the Recession in 2007. There should definitely be more regulations for large (and small) banks.

  • Yes there should be

    There should be more regulations for the large banks here in the United States of America along with the rest of the world where we see very large banks. The people who pay their taxes should not have to bail these banks out. We should never again here the terms too big to fail again.

  • Yes, there should be.

    Large banks, as other large corporations in the United States, are given way too much lee way in terms of what they can do and how they do it. They have made huge amounts of money from people and then gotten into trouble and gotten bailed out by the government. They need many more regulations on their operations.

  • They Shouldn't Be Allowed

    I do not believe large banks need more regulation, I don't think they should be allowed. I believe it is wrong for a bank to declare their inability to fall, if that is the case, then it is unwise to allow such entities to exist. I think bank sizes should be limited.

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