Should there be more restrictions for minors on social media?

Asked by: Juris
  • Minors Do Not Understand The Internet

    It is obvious that minors understand how to operate a computer and navigate the Internet, however, they are not intimately aware of how information is stored on the Internet or the fact that what they post could remain there for the entirety of their life. Minors have showed that they are not yet responsibly enough to handle their own social media and should be more restricted in their actions.

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  • Restrictions on Social Media Should Come From Parents

    While some minor common sense restrictions should be (and are) in place on most social media, I think the majority of the restrictions should come from the child's parents. Not all parents are going to be good parents and probably aren't going to protect their children adequately, which is why we need a few good and common sense restrictions, but the only real way to protect kids is by having their parents involved in their lives. Their is no substitute for good parenting.

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