• Yes, there should be more restrictions on green cards.

    I definitely think that there should be more restriction on green cards. I think that some of the rules in terms of some people being able to get a green card are outdated. I especially think that somebody shouldn't be able to get a green card just because they marry a citizen.

  • I totally disagree.

    i totally disagree with the idea that more restrictions be placed on green interpretations of that is less people will be allowed into the country even if they come into the country legally.As this country is made up largely of immigrants. contributions from different races made our nation great.

  • No, there should be more restriction on allowing illegal immigrants into the country.

    Provide a better way for skilled and educated immigrants to come into the country, while cutting funding to states who help illegal immigrants operate.

    The problem isn't green card, the problem are 12 million illegal immigrants who are flooding public services and whose worst damage won't be felt years from now due to their tendency to multiply like humanity is facing extinction.

    Posted by: N711
  • No, there should not be.

    There should not be more restrictions on green cards. The reason for this is that it is already difficult enough to get one in order to work in the United States. To make the process even more difficult would just result in even larger waves of illegal immigration to the US.

  • No There Shouldn't

    I believe the process to obtain a green card is already very difficult, especially for those facing the obstacles to get them. For this reason, I do not feel it is necessary to make more restrictions to get them. There are people in this country on green cards that are very valuable to us, we shouldn't make their lives more difficult.

  • No, I don't think there should be more restrictions on green cards.

    I think green cards already carry significant restrictions on them and it would be a mistake to add even more restrictions to them, I think we need to constantly evaluate and modify green cards to make sure they are serving both the needs of the immigrants and the country as a whole.

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