• There should be restrictions.

    International adoptions should be allowed because they provide people that may make good parents, but are unable to adopt locally, a chance at adoption, as well as provide homes for children. However, there should be restrictions just as we have restrictions on immigration in order to prevent overpopulation and sustain the economy.

  • Yes, income disparities corrupt the process

    Some children have been torn from their own culture and sent
    to live with strangers, even though they had living family eager to raise them.
    Foreigners are often able to pay well for healthy young children, and this fact
    corrupts a process that should be based in a careful examination of the
    circumstances, character, and intentions of potential parents. Tighter
    restrictions on international adoptions would mean better lives for many innocent

  • No, there shouldn't be more restrictions on international adoptions.

    I do not believe there should be more restrictions for people and couples who want to adopt an individual from another country. I think there are already enough fair laws set in place. I think that as long as the individual passes all type of checks and qualifications, then they should be allowed to adopt internationally.

  • Children need homes regardless of where they are.

    If a person is willing to adopt a child from another country, why should we hinder that? These children need homes. These adults want children. If anything, I think there should be less restrictions on adopting a child from another country. The process is extremely lengthy and difficult. Adopting children from another country is a win-win situation.

  • Already Complicated As It Is

    I believe the methods used for international adoption today includes far too much red tape and the cost in unrealistically high. For this reason, I do not think there should be more restrictions on international adoptions. I believe this type of policy would only cut children off from their opportunities.

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