Should there be more restrictions on the use of plastics that contaminate the oceans?

  • YESS Do U want to kill animals

    The fact that people would leave plastic for animals to choke on gives me the chills. DO you want animals to die you monster! If we leave the plastic in the water its gaining and we could start the smelliest ocean whiche could mean doom to the aqua marine animals.

  • Animals are Dying!

    Animals are dying from all this plastic we use and they don't deserve it so YOU can have a happy life. People use way to much plastic and litter. Look what you are all doing. Do the animals deserve this? They really don't. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Stop hurting the sea

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  • Yes - we should be protecting our oceans

    We should definitely be restricting the use of plastics and microbeads that contaminate our oceans and wildlife. It's especially not necessary for us to be using microbeads, there are many abrasive ingredients we can use in facecreams like salt compounds to exfoliate our skin. In this day and age using microbeads in our products is just plain negligent

  • Yes, Plastics Should be Limited

    We have known for a long time now how plastic negatively impacts the environment, yet I feel we have not made great strides to reduce our dependence on them. I think our recycling system could use some work, but in the meantime, we have to utilize degradable products more often! We can do better.

  • Yes, there should definitely be more restrictions on the use of plastics that contaminate the oceans

    The amount of plastic that exists in the ocean is mind-boggling. I strongly support the idea of putting restrictions on the plastics that can contaminate our seas. With these restrictions in place, the oceans can return to being a safe place for diverse species without the fear of plastic pollution.

  • Yes we should crack down on plastic use.

    While governments have made significant progress in the efforts to educate the public on recycling, more can be done. Perhaps the industry should look to more biodegradable plastic sources or use paper instead of plastic in the bottling process. Many supermarkets are also making an effort to move away from plastic bags,

  • No no no

    If we don't put the plastic in the oceans will have to burn it so now the icecaps will melt some now polar bear will die and many other thing will die so save the polar bear and stop burning plastics so no no no no no no no no

  • The Facts That Are Real

    Who cares? One day technology will evolve and we will probably burn them and condense the smoke. Plus people forget their reusable bags and they cost more to make. If we don’t use plastic we would have to use paper and it takes at least one tree each bag! We would run out of trees! Even though trees are a renewable recourse they don't grow instantly! Also the goal of people restricting plastic bags may take many years achieve. You also may not know canvas bags can catch whatever germs were on your food. We have a freedom of choice and with that we can do whatever we want, and I chose this.

  • Nuh-uh, no way

    Plastic bags should be used. Think about it, if you use paper bags you are wasting fresh new trees. If you recycle the plastic bags you use the plastic can be made into other things such as toothbrushes, small toys, and much more. This is why plastic bags should be used.

  • No no NO!!

    Plastic things are bad but if someone goes to a store and they forget their reusable bags they wouldn't be able to buy anything and reusable bags also collect germs and give them a place to reproduce. So, plastic bags shouldn't be banned because in life, you do need them.

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