• Rome in the governments of Europe

    I agree that there should be more Roma in the governments of Europe.Understanding the Roma's situation in Eastern Europe requires looking at their past. Around the year 1000, an event in northern India, about the time of Muslim invaders, likely triggered their mass exodus. The precise event is still unknown, but the possible reasons include a conflict that resulted in the Roma's persecution, a natural disaster, or even recruitment into a mercenary military.

  • Yes, there should be but there won't be.

    Of course it is true that any government would be enriched by having more diversity, including the inclusion of various minorities. So the Roma people would have something to contribute to European governments. However, they are not likely to enjoy participating in such a structure an the structure is not likely to welcome them.

  • There should not be more Roma in the governments of Europe.

    There should not be any more people of Roma descent in the government of Europe if it is not the will of the people. Europe is governed by democracies, and the people choose their leaders through direct elections. Clearly, if people wanted more Roma leaders in their governments, they would be electing them already.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that more of these people need to be in the governments of Europe, for main reason. The people of Europe do not look up to them like they do pure Europeans, so they will not want to back their ideas as much, and will not vote them in.

  • Should Receive Education

    I believe it is fine to assume that Roma should be included in the governments of Europe but I believe they probably need to be more educated to do so. Any type of integration that is truly successful would lead to this means, which would probably be a good sign that they were integrated. However, it's not going to happen over night.

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