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  • Yes students should

    Students should exercise cause its awesome JK! Thats not the reason the real reason is child obecity is becoming more and more i agree with money man 2302 we should do something about couch potatoes ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo yea so yea sososososos sisosos sososos sosksks sye ano more faT PEEPS PLEASEW yes

  • Yes because child obesity is increasing

    And half of all american's are officially couch potatoes. And a lot of people think that getting healthier is all about dealing with the obesity epidemic. Also students should at least exercise for 30 minutes. Some schools cut p.E. Because the programs are costing too much, they can also exercise at home.

  • Yes there should

    Because in school people are fat and they look bad and they think they look but is just worse because in school people are fat and they look bad and they think they look but is just worse because in school people are fat and they look bad and they think they look but is just worse

  • Childen need exercide

    Children are lazy and obese plus diseases come from that example diabetes. They can produce a stronger body and bones. In fact it will improve sleep by a mile and a half. You wont be as depressed exercising as being lazy will not help a single bit thank you goodbye

  • Yes, there should be exercise in school.

    The bottom line is that America is obese. Kids are getting fatter and fatter. One of the ways to assist in curbing this epidemic is to ensure exercise in school for children. Society cannot expect parents to properly feed and exercise their children. Honestly most parents are terrible. This is why exercising should be increased in school.

  • Exercise Reduces Stress, Increases Learning

    Japanese schools have martial arts classes for students all the time. American schools can follow suit and have more exercise for students. Movement gets kids active, reduces stress and improves the overall quality of life. Perhaps with more exercise, there will be less school shootings and fewer upset students. More exercise should be prescribed, even if there are no more phys ed classes.

  • Not A Chance

    Children's developing bodies need moderate activity to age healthily. Excessive exercise can damage young joints and bones, as well as take away energy. Not all students love to exercise, instead preferring to read books or other healthy activities for the mind. American schools should focus on promoting intelligence and healthy minds, not workouts and exercise.

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