• Education is vital

    We need to be more educated and most people don't study at all, so if we lengthen school hours, there will be more time for classes and students could actually get tests done, instead of having to make them up. Since I am live in America, and school ends after 8 hours, we go home do hour homework, which is like less then one hour per night, then everyone just goes and plays video games. Nobody is enforcing education at all. The only way to be smarter than your peers is to do extra, but in America, most students are lazy and do what is required. We need education to be more enforced, and I think that the easiest start to that is to extend school hours.

  • No not at all

    I don't think that there should be more school hours as i know education is good and if there are more school hours you will learn more and educate yourself more but there is always a limit for something and it can be a lot of pressure also on student........Studying is fine but for more than required hours can cause stress recreation is also very important

  • It's already enough.

    School hours are already lasting enough for us to study.
    I mean, my school is already ending late. Isn't it enough? We have about to 7 to 8 classes per day, and we're also allowed to study in school at nights, as long as you don't stay approximately over 10 in the night. But isn't this enough? I know education is good, but is it worth spending the whole day at schoo, FORCED? I am going to spend my day at school one day, but it is my CHOICE. And if we lengthen school hours, there will be more test and more homework, and I don't know about you guys out there, since this site is international, but I am a South Korean, and after school, we usually go to academies, called Hawgons in Korean. Anyway, we might have to go to Academies still, and we will start sleeping more late, which I definitely do not approve because health gets important when we become middle school students, and we will be loaded down with homework and STUDYING.

    We have enough!

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