Should there be more serious consequences for those who are found guilty of shooting up meth?

  • Yes give death penalty

    The death penalty will reduce the number of people peddling through the intimidation of the penalty .Example of country implemented successfully :Singapore ,if a person is found to have 250 grams death penalty
    source: .Give death penalty to drug users. Thats my reason for death penalty to be implemented

  • Yes it should and that goes for all other drugs

    All illegal drugs and drug users should suffer more serious legal consequences, not just the meth shooters. Granted, as an immediate reaction meth does cause its user to act more energetic, aggresive and uncontrolable that some other drugs, and therefore cause more damage and pose a greater immediate danger, but neither that is exclusive nor do other drugs in the long run cause the same damage. They all lead to disaster and pose a great danger to whole society and families of drug users. Therefore, they should be put away and isolated for longer time.

  • Offenders need help not punishment

    People who are addicted to meth have gone down that slippery slope and found themselves at rock bottom. This drug robs you of your youth, looks and often your life. Once they are placed in the system it is truly an opportunity to get them help, rather than just incarcerate them. Extending rehabilitation programs and intensive tailor-made treatment programs is what they need. There are many reasons people find themselves in this situation, so there has to be at least that many solutions to help them.

  • Meth is an Addiction, and Should be Treated as Such

    Those guilty of shooting up meth should not face serious legal consequences. They should however be treated to help them stay clean from meth though, because the medical consequences are so dire (and proved scientifically). I do think though that meth dealers and those forcing meth on others should face serious consequences, but those simply using and not harming anyone else should be treated and helped, not face serious repercussions.

  • Drug laws are harsh enough

    Meth users are not getting off easy as it is, there are serious consequences in every state for people convicted on meth use. Targeting users has never been the answer to the drug problem, look at what happened with United States incarceration numbers during the war on crack cocaine. Get people some help, don't throw them away.

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