Should there be more suicide prevention programs in schools?

  • Yes, there should be

    In my school, there are no consequences if you bully, Of course they say there is, but they never do anything about it. We also don't have a suicide prevention program. In school most definitely they should have these programs because school is a big reason for suicide. As in stress, failures in study. These things cause GREAT stress and yes, people commit suicide for it. :/.

  • Yes it should

    Suicide is a very important topic and most if not all kids deserve to know how to treat it if faced with it themselves or with friends or family. Suicide prevention is a highly debated topic and parents and kids need to be informed about the signs and the ways to get help if faced with a suicidal situation

  • The third common death of kids 10-14 is suicide

    I have experienced these issues and I had gotten help by our school counselor and she really helped me and many kids in my school had talked to the school and had decided not to and they do NOT mess you up I had gotten help and I am perfectly fine now and you DON'T need to spend $3,000 I just needed to talk about it and if it is your choice why are you choosing to do this you could just have this problem fixed by just talking and I am writing down ideas for suicide prevention and you don't have to spend any money

  • Like most people here, I've wrestled with suicidal thoughts and desires.

    First off I think it's dumb that we feel the need to justify our positions by telling of our struggles with suicide, but because that's the status quo, its in my argument. Second, I will concede that the existing programs are profoundly misguided and unhelpful- however, there's nothing saying we cant can't change what we're doing now to be better. I advocate more effective programs that provide down to earth help and offer programs outside of the existing ones we have now. The way the schools deal with suicide now is trash, but voting yes on this argument isn't saying that trash is what we want more of.

  • OF COURSE. Especially cause suicide is an occurring thought in younger peoples minds.

    As a young girl who has suffered from suicidal thoughts I believe there should be a program in school for suicide awareness. Some children may feel very alone and have that thought of suicide. I think if more people are being educated about it, they'll understand that it isn't the answer and may find comfort in the education process.

  • Let them decide for themselves.

    Speaking as someone who has suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, let them do whatever it is they're going to do. If someone wants to legitimately kill themselves they're going to do it. Also, how would that prepare them for the real world? If you're an adult and you want to kill yourself, there is not a lot anyone can do to help you. All those "it gets better" bullshit ad campaigns do are set kids up for even more disappoint and depression than they faced before when they realize no one gives a shit about them. That they are completely insignificant and replaceable. That they aren't special. So why set them up for disappointment? Why not let them accept the facts of life from a younger age? Because someone might kill themselves? Well when they get older and realize it doesn't get better then what?

  • I've Been Here

    As someone who has been suicidal and attempted it before, I would like to say how utterly useless these classes are. They honestly make me want to off myself more than ever. People are so stereotypical about it, I find it so incredibly obnoxious. It only enforces the opinion that no one knows what I'm going through. It adds to the stress load.
    Another fact is that I was never even thinking about suicide or self harm or depression until they were educating me about it. Once they started raising awareness, I started using self harm as a coping mechanism. That led straight into depression then suicidal thoughts. I would never have become suicidal in the first place if they hadn't "educated" me in this matter in the beginning.
    It is because of these classes that I am where I am now. I hate them.

  • My life, my body, and my choice!

    As someone who has experienced suicidal thoughts and has utilized and participated in anti-suicide programs, I think suicide prevention programs are harmful. These sorts of programs only harm those affected by them. For instance, the law in California allows people to be taken into psychiatric evaluation against their consent. I have had this occur to me, and it cost my family over $3000 and traumatized me, having been stripped of my autonomy and dignity. The circumstances someone affects thoughts, and these programs tend to gloss over or ignore these, instead focusing on keeping people alive. People own their bodies and minds, so rather than policing students, let them make their own decisions.

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