Should there be more than two PE classes per week?

Asked by: harrymate
  • There are multiple misconceptions regarding this topic.

    Physical education surmounts to more than merely running, pushups, and the relentless amount of jumping jacks performed in class. Physical education was established to promote and EDUCATE students how to initiate a physical lifestyle and to also maintain that lifestyle. Physical activity is an imperative component to implement if one strives to attain a healthy lifestyle. Physical education should do just that, educate students how to operate a healthy lifestyle by implementing physical activity.

  • I Love Excersize

    PE is one of my favorite things to do. I love playing all the fun games, and being able to workout my body (I am a 13 year old middle schooler) My favorite game to play is dodgeball. If PE was everyday I believe that students would enjoy school even more.

  • YES!!! This is exactly what we need!

    Obviously, by now most of us can tell that America is having some obesity problems with younger people. By allowing more than 2 classes of Physical education a week, it will help keep the obesity rate under control in the U.S.

    It will also allow more time to learn about healthy lifestyles and healthy eating. This will inevitably end most of the childhood obesity in America. It will educate students on how to stay healthy and at a healthy weight, as well as keeping them active in fun ways!
    This is exactly what we need and this will make a huge impact on America, increasing this generations lifespan.

  • Not in my experience

    While I agree that physical fitness is important, from my experience there should not be more than 2 PE classes a week. In all my years of school up until senior year right now, I don't believe my gym classes have given us the proper training. We learned nothing of eating healthy or how to have a physical lifestyle. We literally went to class, stretched for 5 minutes, ( in total. You're supposed to hold your stretches for at least 30 seconds but we did each muscle for like, 5 seconds) then did an activity. The activity would be baseball, track, soccer, or whatever the teacher wanted us to do.

    But the thing about it was, no one really cared. Some people didn't participate at all, others played like it was the Olympics, rules of the game were never taught, and kids were cruel. They would actually make fun of you when you messed up, which discouraged you from playing at all. We did not have enough time to take showers afterwards, so you went the rest of the day feeling sweating and unclean.

    If we had the proper training and actually learned how to have a healthy lifestyle, then yes, PE should be more than two times a week. But not when you don't learn anything.

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