• Yes, I think there should be more prescription drug ads.

    I think that as long as prescription drug ads provide the proper disclaimers that make it clear the dangers of the drug as well as the benefits then it's fine to have as many as pharmaceutical companies wish to advertise, I think the more they advertise the more money media networks will take in which is a good thing.

  • But make the side effects in big bold red letters

    Make the side effects so they can't be ignored by the person watching the tv. Make it so even if the person still wants the drug they will ask their doctor or better yet also read about the side effects to avoid any complications. Then maybe big pharma will be more careful in designing drugs.

  • No, there needs to be less

    All day every day people are bombarded with the idea that one pill will make all your problems go away. This is absolutely not true. In fact, it is quite the opposite, the longer you are on the pills the worse you get. Over time, the body would grow accustomed to the medication,making it less effective in time.

  • No Med Ads

    I believe there should be less prescription drug ads. I honestly do not believe we need these ads at all. Prescription drugs are prescribed by doctors who know far more about drugs and what is available than the patient. After all they did go to college and medical school to obtain the right to practice in the field.

  • No more drug ads

    Prescription drugs are the new drugs for kids. All prescription drug company are in the business to make money. Their ads make you believe you have a disease you most likely do not. The doctor should be the one giving the prescription based of the persons symptoms not based of what the customer saw and believes they need.

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