Should there be more (yes) or less (no) protections for children on the Internet?

  • Yes, there should be more protections for children on the internet.

    It is my opinion that children are unable to discern what is appropriate when viewing webpages and interacting with other users. More protection should be given to prevent predatory behavior that may affect children. Children are vunerable and need protection to ensure their safety while having online interaction. It is only reasonable and prudent to provide protection to children.

  • Children are the future

    I do think children should be given a bit more protection on the Internet, or at least be given as much possible. Children are obviously very easily influenced, both negatively or positively, and if they have full access to the Internet, they could be influenced by things in the worse.

  • More protection but from parents.

    I think more protection on the Internet would be fine, however it should come from parents as well as private companies. I am against any protection coming from the government, as they would inevitably overstep their boundaries and make the Internet worse for everyone. Private companies and parents should create more protection though.

  • Yes and No.

    To be honest, people worry too much about internet protection. Yes, of course you want your child (or yourself) to be safe, but children are more safe than ever now days. Teachers, police and parents go on and on about the unsafe sites and advice on using the internet that we have all grown used to the daily dos and donts. They know that they shouldn't give out personal information and go on sites not appropriate for their age groups. A internet with absolute safety would be boring.

    On the other hand, the internet is full of opinions. Children view things that they shouldn't and go on virtual sites where they can get 'virtual girlfriends and boyfriends', but mostly cyber bullying. Some children can't handle bullying, some just ignore. What can we do about that? Protection? You could block the sites from your I.P address if you don't think your child (or anybody else) should go on them.

  • No, I think there should be less protections for children on the Internet.

    I believe a parent should be making sure their child is protected on the Internet, I think it would be a mistake to start regulating the Internet to the extent that it makes it child safe, I believe once you start doing that then more regulations will occur and the Internet will start being someplace that is completely controled by rules and regulations.

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