Should there be more (yes) or less (no) regulation of music downloading websites?

  • Yes, I think there should be more regulation of music downloading websites.

    As it stands right now millions of songs per day are being downloaded for free illegally, I think that while services like iTunes and Amazon Music are slowly reversing that trend I think that the Government does need to make it clear that illegally sharing copyrighted work is not something that should be allowed.

  • Music websites should have more regulation.

    There are many sites where a person can stream music without downloading. There's even satellite radio for your car. The only bad part of these stations is advertising. But that can be avoided by paying a nominal fee. There are plenty of ways to download/lease the rights to certain songs, but why? There is so much variety out there for free. People who try to steal these need to be punished, and there should be regulation to support that.

  • There should be more regulation of music downloading websites

    It is my opinion that there should be more regulation of music downloading websites. The illegal downloading of music hurts the artists, and the economy overall. It is the equivalent of stealing, and the websites that allow this illegal action to take place should be monitored and regulated closely for illegal activity.

  • No, excessive regulation is bad for the industry.

    While pirating of copyrighted music has been widespread for over 15 years, it has been observed that attempts made by the RIAA have been futile, costly and have failed to hinder pirating. The music industry has since had to adapt to the age of digital distribution and recognize that freely available copyrighted works is not profoundly detrimental to an artist's compensation for their works, but can in fact help them reach a larger audience.

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