Should there be more (yes) or less (no) restrictions on purchasing guns?

  • People get killed

    At the moment in Ameeica, anyone can buy a gun and use it how they want. This means someone with a vendetta can go on a huge murdering streak and the police have to spend time tracking this person down. If there were more restrictions then this wouldn't happen and people would be more safe.

  • Yes, there should be more restrictions on purchasing guns.

    Yes, there should be more restrictions on purchasing guns. The current gun restrictions do not do enough to stop illegal gun trafficking. It is still to easy for gun buyers to purchase guns from gun shows and then sell them on the illegal market. It is also too easy for the mentally ill to walk into a store like walmart and buy a rifle.

  • There be more restrictions on purchasing guns.

    There should be more restrictions on purchasing guns because they are dangerous in the wrong hands. People with a history of violence or mental illness should not be able to purchase guns because they could be a danger to themselves or others. There should also be limits to how many guns and bullets people can buy.

  • Universal Background Checks, Smaller Clips, Psych Evals Needed

    How many bullets does it take to kill someone? One. That's why we don't need magazines that hold 10 or more bullets at a time. An eight-clip semiautomatic pistol is plenty to kill someone trying to get into your house. Universal background checks for all gun sales is needed so people don't try to obtain weapons illegally. Psych evaluations can also help during the initial stages of gun ownership. No one can prevent all gun tragedies, but it's time to realize that human life is too precious. We want to ban abortions because human life can be saved, but we want to increase guns so more people can kill each other? That's the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard.

  • Universal background checks

    The biggest change that should be made in regards to gun purchases is that there should be Universal background checks for all gun sales. The vast majority of the American public agree that if you want to puchase a gun at any location, for any purpose, then you need to pass an extensive background check.

  • Yes, there should be more.

    When buying and purchasing guns we should be given more restrictions. I think one of the main things that should be tested when it comes to owning a lethal weapon is where that person stands mentally. We should not hand out guns to sketchy people, or those who may use it to harm themself, or others.

  • Current laws are ok

    The current gun laws work to keep guns out of the hands of people who probably shouldn't purchase them. The real problem are the massive amounts of guns already out in the world and the secondary black market. As has been said many times, guns aren't the problem, it's the people that misuse them. I love nothing more than going to the firing range to pop off a few rounds!

  • Keep It As Is

    I believe there should either be slightly less gun restrictions or keep it about the same. The only thing I would like see changed is for there to be a set, set of rules. As they are now, each state has their own set of rules, and sometimes those rules can be quite complicated. I think it would be best to make laws that apply to the whole country, rather to each individual state.

  • In some states in the U.S. there should be less.

    Where I'm from gun control is pretty relaxed and use common sense and as some states are making it more difficult for law abiding citizens purchase a firearm we're getting more freedoms where we can carry a gun, especially for those with conceal carry permits. They've just recently changed the law so I'm going up next week to sit through my buddy's conceal carry class who's a gun store owner.

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