Should there be more younger politicians in politics? (Y/N)

Asked by: BigMikeC
  • The economy is dead

    To be able to run for congress you have to be at least 30 years old, But by that age they already have a stable income and their own home. They don't have the same problems as younger people and the younger generation is the future. We have the older generation making decisions for the future. I can guarantee you the U. S. Has much bigger problems than abortion being right or wrong.

  • New blood for a new age

    All in all our opinions are just our opinions but I find it difficult to put faith into an older generation with a more confined mindset that doesnt hold my interest in mind progress is more important than who's being lobbied for the biggest company or industry shareholders and basing decisions on who paid the most

  • Younger is better

    The younger generation are very flexible to the happenings around them because they are more exposed due to globalization and education.... And at such,older politicians should step down for the younger ones to take charge and if they don't,thus country will continue to be the same way it always is

  • Young politican will make the country better in a new and creative way.

    Nowadays, most young people are well-educated and they have modern ways of thinking and also leading. Old ways are good but maybe they aren't suitable in modern world. Young people will bring a new wind to the old political system. With the young, we will have more new policies. They are the ones who understand the country's issues more than anyone else because they are the ones that will build the country. In addition, they are brave to try new things to make real progress for the country. Meanwhile, the old maybe not want to deal with it in a newer and more effective way. To sum up, I would say that the young are the main supporters of the country so nothing wrong when they join in politics, maybe they are even better than the senior generations. I hope there will be more young people dare to join fierce politics battlefieds.

  • The eligible age for someone to be a politician should be more flexible.

    Truthfully, the attitude of a future politician is vital over all. It is agreeable that younger politicians should be considered. The age of a politician, although a factor that affects the difference in views and the level of intellectual maturity, does not count for how responsible or how successful the politician will be. The attitudes of each person varies no matter the age. It is no doubt that a greater maturity in a 13-year-old can be equivalent to that of a 40-year-old, and that even younger ones might have a better grasp at being a politician. It is also possible for an older politician to have that of a corrupted nature, while the younger one is honest and responsible. The nature of a young politician could also lead to reckless decisions being made, not considering all pros and cons, while for an older politician, they could be more experienced and wiser. These are examples which conclude that the attitude of a politician is the one that ensures the outcome of the government/country/people. Young or old, anybody can do wonders and overcome any sort of doubt or challenge. Therefore, age should not be a factor when it comes to nominating a future politician, but rather, when nominating one, the politician should have the crucial and important values instilled in one's self to be involved in the politics.

  • More younger politician are needed

    They need to show the younger generation that the younger ones can do it as well and that if that's what they want to do, they are able to do it.
    They need more younger role models for the younger generation to look up to.
    Its not just the more experienced politicians that can do it.

  • They can connect with new generation

    I think younger politicians are needed. Sadly there aren't many out there who have a big enough voice to step out. Theses younger politicians can connect better with this newer generation. We need politicians who will listen and be willing to make progress in our country. Many older politicians now are just doing what they want and leaving the mess they're making to the younger generation. It's time a new, younger wave of men and women stepped up and began leading this country.

  • Younger Politians are needed

    Political leaders over the past several years have for the most part been men and women old enough to be in their 50’s, 60’s and so forth. Yet there are very few who are around their 30’s or 40’s and because of this I think politics have become stagnated and stuck in a continual rut as most of the political leaders of the world are at the point were 60% are stuck in their ways. But I feel if more younger politicians who weren’t so stuck in their ways and more willing to listen to opposing opinions were to be brought in then maybe we might be able to make more actual progress in many areas like trade, healthcare and taxes.

  • Nope they are way out of control

    Young politicians tend to rush everthing due to their very nature which prioritizes action over consequence, risk over certainty and emotion over reason. When coming with a great power, this combination can easily cause devastating repercussions. Whilst it is true that youth can bring out breakthrough; however, in a world where people only wish for peace and stability, characteristics like gambling and arrogance of young politicians are not really suitable to achieve these goals.

  • No there shouldn't

    There should be only adults because young people aren't as educated as experienced old people and are not as mature. The country of England would be a more mature country with experienced people. For example look at Theresa may she is doing brilliant job on running England it would be wrong to bring a young person in who has no experience with the country or there experiences because they are too young.

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