• That Would Be Awesome

    I believe national Wi-Fi should be a goal of the United States. I believe the country would benefit from this tremendously. Just think, we could literally cut out the phone companies and the cable companies all at once! We'd all have extra money to go buy other, better products from companies that actually try to take care of their customers, rather than rip them off.

  • Yes, I would think it's a good idea.

    Yes, Though initially it sounds more problematic, I believe it will become less problematic in the future years. We had never thought of mobile phones when Sir Gram bell invented telephone. It was a miraculous idea to talk on a piece of electronic chip(mobile) anywhere anytime. Time answered this wonder and made it happen in front of us.

  • There should be national Wi-Fi

    Many people current live in areas where Wi-Fi is not available and that limits their access to information. Most school systems require students to access information online and those students who do not have access at home have to make other arrangements like visiting a local library to access the Internet.

  • It's too expensive.

    No, there should not be national Wi-Fi, because that is not a legitimate function of government. The government should only protect our private property and protect us from each other. There is no need to have national Wi-Fi, because we should be able to decide for ourselves what services to pay for.

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