• We are pushing children into education and taking away their freedom.

    By putting our three- and four-year-olds into preschool, we are pushing them into education. Don't get me wrong, education is definitely not a bad thing, but the fact is that everyone learns at different speeds and times. One child is just beginning to take school seriously at age seven, another is ready to read at three or four. If a child who is not ready to learn seriously is pushed into school, they will consider it a negative experience because they were not ready for it.
    At this stage of a child's life, they are experimenting with the world around them, trying to learn new things and to become more independent. They are playing outside, playing imaginative games with toys and dress-ups, and becoming more creative. When we take away much of their time to push them into education, we risk them losing much of the creativity they were still in the process of developing.

  • Preperation for the kid's

    I believe so, for this prep's the kid's Socially and mentally of what's to come, it get's them ready for the further life even though it's mostly sleeping and playing it still has them meet people and know a social life sooner. They get use to how school's work as well.

  • It is too young.

    Parents need to teach there kids and teach them basic manners before they stuff them in a class with 25 other kids. In the day care system, which I know well, as my Grandma is a daycare provider, they make them limited to 10 to 15 kids a person. A child needs to mature more.

  • If you want babysitting, buy babysitting.

    I'm not much for seperating kids from their parents at a young age, especialy into the hands of strangers, or worse yet, government controlled strangers. Preschool teaches tots nothing other than the fact that they have parents who don't want them around. It's babysitting with another name, but poorly diguised. Preschool is useless, and furthermore, emotionally harmful to the kids.

  • A bridge between child and formal school life

    Preschool gives children the opportunity to interact with more children their age. It also gives children the opportunity to be away from their parents for short periods of time so less adjustment will be needed when formal schooling begins. Preschool consists of simple tasks (no stress!) which train and educate children to appreciate or learn simple things such as colouring and reading (i.E. Teacher reads to them). Preschool, unlike formal schooling, provides an opportunity for a child's creativity and to grow Overall it acts as a bridge, a stepping stone between a child and formal schooling.

  • It is good preparation for a healthy learning environment

    Pre-school teaches the basics of reading and writing. Some say this is pushing them at too young of an age, but in reality, pre-school does much more than this. It teaches the children to get along with one another in a safe learning environment. At pre-school age, the big question is "why?" The kids want to learn and providing them a safe place to do this is wonderful. Pre-school also teaches the kids manners and appropriate sanitation.

  • Preschool is a good preparation

    Not only for their future academic life, but also their social life. I believe it is extremely important to children to socialize and interact with other children. It will give them more confidence and better social skills later in life. Not to mention that it is a great way of building their Independence. Preschool is not much about academic education, rather, as I said, a foundation to help them building their social skills, confidence, independence, and helping them to get used to having a schedule and responsibilities, thus making school and other obligations in life less of a shock. I don't think it deprives children of playing and such, on the contrary, it facilitates such things.

  • There should be pre school

    There is much evidence around the world that those countries with a universal pre school program have their students achieve better academic results when they reach higher levels.

    In my country the states with universal pre school have far higher results in literacy and numeracy at all the testing points which are done at ages 8, 10, 12 and 14.

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