• Global language will help society.

    A global language will mean that we will be able to communicate in one language thus there will no longer be the confusion when you go to a different country; people will be able to talk in the same language and with no difficulty. A global language will unite the world together and there would be fewer conflicts and wars related to the culture and language

  • Deal with it

    I am russian, Live in russia, And only use russian to speak to my monolingual friend and my girlfriend

    you have to be a limited person with a double-digit iq to argue against global language in the information age

    And what roots would you suggest me to remember? My serfdom roots or my communism roots? No, Thank you.

  • Yes for a global language

    I write this as a speaker of a small language.
    1. Almost everybody can learn one foreign language.
    2. One foreign language is easy to maintain.
    3. Ideas and cultures would spread easily and quickly.
    4. Small languages would be protected.
    5. Polyglotism is burdensome, Expensive in time and money and endangers small languages. (You waste time learning and maintaining multiple languages instead of your own. )
    6. Translation is cheaper and more accessible to wide population.
    7. You would be everywhere at home regardless of your native language.

  • Beneficial for peace

    Relationships between countries can better prosper without the language barrier, Cooperation and collaborations would increase and strides could be made scientifically. To protect culture and identity it would be wise to recommend/mandate that all countries learn the same second language in schools. It doesn't matter which language that is, Just pick one and all nations can be bi-lingual (officially).

  • La ekonomia profito

    La ekonomiaj avantaĝoj de ligado de ĉiuj kun unu komuna lingvo estas grandegaj. Kaj nur kial vi havas unu universalan lingvon ne signifas, Ke vi ne povas uzi la aliajn lingvojn. Probabla rezulto estas ankaŭ ke ĝi interkonektus ĉiun
    sufiĉas por minimumigi la riskon de milito / konflikto, Kiel la Eŭropa Unio.

  • A more connected world!

    Having a single language would ensure we were able to communicate wherever we roam. Tge argument that it would erase culture is a fallacy, There are certainly cultural variations between the english speaking countries and even unique words only used in that country but when push comes tho shove wr understand each other.

  • Global language 2222222

    It's better and easier to have one global language. You won't have to remember the complex grammar from your language. For example, My language is greek and it has a really complex grammar, But having English as a global language will make everything really easy since they have easy grammar and spelling

  • It is inevitable.

    A single human language is not likely in the near future, But history is full of examples where, For a period of time, A small number of languages become the standard for cultural-dialog. Greek, French and English are clear examples. In the far future (200-300 years) there will be a single language that dominates our species. It might be a spoken language but it’s more likely that it will be a Programming Language.

  • One worldwide language would be great

    We all come from different places and society's. If we all learned one worldwide language we could use that to communicate with others across the world, But at the same time use our own languages in our own communities. Where I live there are people who speak Spanish and people who speak English both people speak their own language in their own groups but together speak one they can both understand

  • For chatting online

    Any time you visit lofi chats you see kids from all around the world chatting while doing homework. This is beneficial for the species as it reduces the "us and them" mentality and reduces governments abilities to manipulate their people to war. Today it's English, Tomorrow maybe Mandarin, But it doesn't matter as long as most people speak it.

  • One language is a bad idea

    If everyone speaks one language that basically encourages people to forget their roots and even part of their culture! IMAGIN IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOUR OWN IDENTITY!!! There are approximately 6,500 languages still alive and imagination all those 6,499 languages disappearing and one of them is yours so I think there should not be one language on earth!

  • Why there shouldn't be a global language

    There should not be a global language because there would be no cultural diversity if we all spoke the same language. No new ideas would be thought of and life would be very boring. Imagine you and your family want to go out to eat and you go to an Indian restaurant and all the food choices are the same as something you can get at a normal restaurant. This is what would happen if there was a global language

  • It will never work.

    While it seems like it would be nice to have a common international language that everyone could use, language is almost always linked to culture, and different dialects of the world language would certainly develop. This is already happening to English, where speakers from England or the US would have a very hard time understanding what they say in Singapore, even though they are speaking English. So, the global language would just fragment, and it wouldn't be a global language any more.


    If you are a true member of society you would not agree with global language. If world language was true than we would all be the same and we would have a boring world. My collegue Scorpion Remmington and his brother Flash McLovingit have studied the affects on a city that had to learn the language of Njerep. This is the spoken language of Nigeria. All of the inhabitants of village 69 were all similar and culture was loss. So remember kids stay in school and do not support a global language for a better future for our children and generations to come.

  • Why there shouldn't be a global language.

    There should not be a global language because it would take away from the individuality of the differing countries and their diverse cultures. The world would be bland and if everyone was the same, new ideas and inventions ( I would think) would stagnate. The diverse groups of people in the world are what makes the human race what we are.

  • Having the same language won't make world a peaceful place

    There were many wars between people speaking the same language - Tutsi and Hutu in Rwanda, Croatians and Serbians in Yugoslavia etc.
    You know, it won't work at all.
    I don't want to live in a world without any diversity.
    The fact we have so many languages makes the world beautiful.
    We should try to preserve as many languages as we can.

  • Humans Should Be Able to Get Along Anyway

    One global language would be nice to have. However, humans come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and many cultures. A single global language leads to homogeneity as opposed to differentiation. Verbal understanding would be better, but the diversification of ideas would cease. Darwin's theory of evolution preaches diverse species survive whereas ones that can't adapt fail. Humans need diverse languages in order to move forward with our society in a positive way.

  • Losing our cultures

    With a global language most of people will lose their cutlers. A language can mean a lot to a family with out there language there family might have a different meaning. Yes the family with still always be close and still be a family but their language might have made them what they are.

  • There should be no global language.

    Our language is our identity to tell people where we come from and yes we could not change the worlds language because to learn it it would be hard and it takes more time learn people It's not a good idea to try and make people speak on language. It would be the same argument for every country. France could say that they want the world to speak French or the British could say that they want the world to speak English thus the music would be boring because all the music has one language and we also like different languages music.

  • No to global language!

    We dont need a global language because we have translators. Translators will go exstinct just like the dinosaurs did if we have a global language. It will also diminish cultural diversity, which won't allow people to be who they are or be proud of what language they speak because they will be speaking another language.

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