• Yes, there should be oversight for corporate bonuses

    I believe that there should be more oversight for the bonuses that are awarded in corporations. It is unfortunately common for those bonuses to be enormous, allowing for the gap between rich and poor to grow ever larger. With more oversight for those bonuses, the amount can be kept in check.

  • Yes there should b more oversight

    I believe their should be more corporate oversight when it come to executive pay. Executive pa is often determined by those who are in the boardroom. In many cases they are deciding their own compensation and can lead to greed and unlawful activity. By overseeing this practice it can help reduce criminal activity.

  • No there shouldn't

    A business should be able to bonus their employees however they see fit. That smacks of big brother telling you how much you can hand out for allowance. Private financial matters should be just that, private. Are the bonuses exorbitant? Of course, but I am not the ones paying them either.

  • No oversight needed for corporate bonuses.

    Corporate bonuses are a way of rewarding executives for hard work and exceeding expectations. If a company is profitable enough to give executives generous bonuses, that means that that company is providing many people with a good or service that they value. Unless that company is unfairly benefiting from some form of cronyism, they deserve to pay their people as they see fit.

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