• Yes, I do

    I have two reasons, one is that there can be physical fighting, drug dealing, and even shoot outs at schools sometimes, police presence would help with these issues. Another reason is because of the Sandy Hook school shootings, if there were police officers or armed guards at Sandy Hook in the first place, the shooter probably wouldn't of taken a student's life.

  • Yes there should be police officers in schools.

    I agree with the other side that the school officials could break up a physical fight amongst students and a police officer isn't needed. However, we need at least one police officer at every school because there has been an increase in school shooting. If you place an officer at every school, they can prevent the shooting and the student's wouldn't get injured.

  • Hu hu hu

    Yes there should be becasue like kids at school always take to the police officers so its not like prison and honestly they feel safer and they can go into teen living and teach about the law and things not to do. This is really sloppy because im tired but yeah. . . . .

  • Many schools do not have an effective discipline code

    There is too much politics in the educational systems and high paid administrators do not fairly enforce a dislike policy . Thus there are many students which should, at a minimum, have their parents notified that are returned to the class room, without consequences,  creating  even greater problems for teachers,  that are already burdened with average to below average children, special ed. Children and must handle their own discipline problems because of the hand picked high achieving children are allowed to attend the MAGNET SCHOOLS..  Since the system does not manage their own operations they require  greater assistance and oversight!.
    What must we do wait until we have more mass shootings?. A properly trained police officer is much  better than an armed teacher!

  • Average police arrival time

    For school shootings, their would be no arrival time for police which could save lives. Average arrival time is seven to sixty minutes. A quote I found on that was "When I called 911, the response time for law enforcement was one hour. In this time the shooter could injure and or kill many people as well as possibly getting away.

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  • Schools are becoming more aware

    Schools are becoming more aware of the dangers and are taking more precautionary measures like E-day drills, tornado or natural disaster drills, and fire drills. They have sprinklers at schools and police can help make sure that everyone is out of the building in a fire, or make sure everyone is safe and sound in a natural disaster

  • Kids will be safer

    I agree with these other people because most of the illegal things going on in schools right now could be stopped or prevented by a police officer. They could either punish the children or make sure that the illegal actions stop inside of the schools. These may include drug deals, vandalism, fighting, shootings, etc.

  • Better safe then sorry.

    While having a police officer at school might cause students to be anxious, its better then having them shot in their own classrooms. Every
    school that was subject to a shooting later said that they didn't anticipate it would happen, or they didn't expect that student to be the one to cause it.

  • In my opinion i believe that all schools should have police officers on campus

    The reason why i think that police officers should be on campus is because it will stop school shootings and it will make the students at schools feel safer because they know that they have people or a person watching over there school but in my opinion i believe that there should be more than one officer on campus because it will be a easier for them to ketch the bad guy.

  • Students will be scared.

    I think that police officers should not be in schools because students will feel like they're in jail. They will not be able to express themselves and be who they truly are if they have officers constantly watching them 24/7. They will be scared and disorder will soon start to grow.

  • No there should not be police officers in schools!

    No there should not be police officers in schools. First of all, you need privacy. Then the police cameras have enough tec to do the job that the police officers would do. You don't need police officers to stop help you and stop fights. You might see them peeking around in the doorway if you had them.

  • Don't treat them like criminals.

    Having police officers at school will create disorder. Police officers should be outside of school, dealing with problems important. Injuries at school should be dealt without police officers, and left to nurses, and teachers. If shooting actually happens of campus, which is very unlikely, then they have the right to come on campus. Overall, they aren't needed.

  • You do not need police officers at schools.

    You do not need police officers to break up a physical fight, in fact it is probably better handled inside the school system so you don't get a criminal record and mediation can occur. There are many more drug dealings out in the ghetto suburbs or wherever drug dealers hand out, put police there. The number of shootings and violence in bars and certain ghetto areas is definitely higher than whatever tiny percentage it is in schools. In summary, waste of resources.

  • That would be very sad

    It will be a very sad day when police officers have to be stationed in all schools. We don't have any in any schools in my country.

    Schools are full of kids and the schools have a right to discipline one kids as they see fit, they are not full of criminals. If we start treating kids like criminals then they will act like criminals.

  • No police in schools

    Police profile minorities on the street. Their attitude does not change once they get into schools. Most police in schools are not trained to deal with children. They are trained to deal with criminals. If we allow police, They must be trained in cultural sensitivity and child behavior pedagogy. Until that happens F. . . The police

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  • No its bad

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