Should there be random drug-testing in schools?

Asked by: mbeach12
  • Yes if we want to save lives

    Ok look, drug tests are a little.... Well nerve racking. But if kids start taking drugs they could hurt them self's and others. They also could kill them self's and others, honestly i dont want to do a drug test but if it will save my friends, family, and teachers im willing to do what ever it takes.

  • It would prevent injuries

    Drug test have helped in the past.They have improved. Since 2008 and 2012 drug test have made the USA a safer and better place for everyone.Drug test is one of the most effective weapons.Many people have stopped doing drugs because of drug test.Many people have also been surprised of when drug test happen. THAT IS WHY WE SHOULD STILL DO DRUG TEST!!!

  • It could prevent kid from doing drugs

    It would be easy to keep kids from being scared of getting caught and they wouldn't do it. Even though it takes taxes, it would be worth it to keep people from medical problems or other serious issues. It would be a good cause and a good idea to do random drug-testings.

  • This is stupid

    I think that there shouldn't even be a discussion about this bs, that is a invasion of privacy. Also people need to start looking at the benefits of weed or vaping. Kids now days are smoking weed and vaping and in my opinion I would rather my kid be vaping and smoking weed than smoking a cigarette(cancer stick). Instead of sitting on here finding ways to yell at kids and change things that can't be changed how about you people thing about the fda vaping rules, think about this cigarettes have always been bad they always will be, now think about vaping it is pg vg and sometimes nicotine. Vaping has had NO deaths or overdosings. So think would you rather your future be filled with people smoking cancer or would you like them to be vaping? Just think about what's best because you and I both know are kids are gona do what they want so why not influence the harmless one? Goodbye now I'm going to sit back in my chair listen to music vape off my brand new box mod and read a book goodnight yall

  • Not worth it

    Simple reasons:

    #1. Its really expensive, about 2-10,000 thousand dollars every year, and most students dont even get a positive.

    #2. False-Positives are not too rare... They will tell that a kid is doing drugs, even when they are actually not. That is a big risk factor.

    #3. Kids are just feeling really violated when doing this. It takes out their rights and they feel as if there privacy is being violated. Not to mention how uncomfterable the tests can be sometimes... Mostly urine samples...

    Its just really messed up and not worth the money, and time at all.

  • They're going to do it

    You're not going to stop kids from doing it and drug testing them will just ruin their lives for something they did as a child, they'll end up being expelled and it being thrown on their record ruining their chances of future education or a future job just because they wanted to have some fun.

    It'd be pathetic to do so.

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