Should there be random drug tests in middle schools?

  • It will help

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  • It would be a good thing.

    What if someone actually did drugs then they ask little kids to join inn the drug group. That child will more likely to grow up and do drugs. He wont have a family or a wife that loves him. He will probly die old and alone with his 5 cats.

  • Better safe than sorry

    As unfortunate as this may sound, yes. I do feel there should be more random drug testing in middle schools. Especially these days with the ways things are how young teenagers are becoming more and more exposed to such horrible substances. They way I see it, it is better safe then sorry.

  • What is this drugs are bad unless prescribed from your docter unless your docter is insane what the heck

    I MEAN COME ON REAllY drugs have caused the death of alot of kids and also it makes them crazy enough to jump off a roof on purpose I mean really drugs are crazy and killer Also it could motivate them to be terrorists or something like really COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No thats' crap

    If a student does drugs thats their problem if they preasure other people into doing them them the kid that decided it'd be a good idea isnt a very good thinker! I'm in high school and i chew but for god sakes going as far as drug tests for every students that's too far.

  • Nobody will want to take drugs

    If you want to have a drug test, well fine, then be on the side of the street. There used to be a show about a donkey with a cigar in his mouth and all the children acted like him and had little plastic toys in their mouth. When teachers are teaching kids about things that are bad and not to do, all they're doing is motivating them to do it more. So they are affecting is themselves.

  • Schools Don't Need To Test

    I do not believe middle schools should be conducting random drug tests. Firstly, I believe this practice is a violation of the students rights. Secondly, I feel like the school is attempting to impede into parenting roles, which are not their responsibility. Lastly, no one wants to cover the cost of such policies.

  • It's the parent's responsibility

    While drugs are becoming a problem with younger kids, it is not the school's responsibility to test the students. The parents need to be required to keep a closer watch on their children. Schools are already trying to have too much control over children, allowing them to randomly drug test middle school students is only giving them more power that they do not need.

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