• There should be random drug testing

    "America represents four percent of the world's population, yet it cosumes two-thirds of the world's illegal drugs." This is importanat because teens consume most of these illigal drugs. Also, It is very good to stop addiction because tar can build up in your lungs and it can make it very difficult to breath. Also, it can cause lung cancer. Alcohol can impair your vision and damage your liver.

  • I agree with this drug test

    Can a school nurse test you for drugs? Why do you take drugs at school? Schools should test children for drugs. What if you go to the doc for a drug test? When i was on drugs few yrs ago, i had few drug tests at the hospital. You do need to go to the school nurse for a drug test

  • Absolutely Positively Yes!!!!!!!!

    There should be random drug tests in school, only because at the school I'm attending, there are people that walk the halls who are higher than high. They affect my learning environment, and make it more difficult to learn. Furthermore, they should have random drug tests in school because if a student is doing drugs, chances are they're probably hiding the fact that they are using those substances from their legal guardians. So I strongly agree with this.

  • Who says they are doing drugs in the school?

    I graduated high school with a 94% average and got accepted into every engineering program I applied to, with scholarships. I took my schooling very seriously because I understand the value of education.

    I also got high every day without fail for three of the four years I attended high school. My parents knew this, I did it responsibly, I got a job and worked 30 hours a week on top of my work load in order to pay for my habit.

    My point being that you wont just be weeding out the under achievers and stereotypically "bad" students. Drug tests can only verify that you have been getting high in the last month... Not that you are currently high.

    Should kids be high in school? No. Should kids be getting high at all? Probably not, I'll admit it wasn't the best life choice as I still occasionally get high in university even though I've tried to stop many times. But will this be a fair measure to punish students by? No, who knows when, how often, why or where they happened to get high.

    Schools would be destroying not only the lives of the stereotypical "stoners", but also many very bright and capable students who just so happen to have a vice.

  • That would be one more thing that schools have to pay for.

    Many schools across the nation already have trouble funding extra-curricular activities, so adding random drug tests would further add to the cost.

    Secondly, what drugs would you test for? Would you test for every single drug known to mankind? If you catch a pot smoker, what do you do? Do you reprimand them for having a substance in their system that may or may not have been put in their system during school? If the did the drug outside of school, then you are asserting that the school has control over what happens outside its borders.

    Lastly, what about false positives? If a students test comes back positive when they are a straight-edge student, do you spend even more money to do a blood test, or do you wrongfully reprimand the student for something that they didn't do based off of the faulty evidence?

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