• Yes their should be recycling programs in school.

    Schools should definitely have recycling programs and incentives for kids to actually recycles considering how much food and plastic bottles they use. Schools could probably fill up three to four more containers of recycling compared to an average business, and it would help jump start saving the earth and cleaning up our planet.

  • Schools Help To Save The Planet

    As a teacher I can tell you that schools waste a lot of paper. Between creating worksheets, writing notes, making foldables, and various other activities, schools go through paper quickly. Having a school recycling program can help the students take note of a serious environmental issue while at the same time helping them learn that they can implement small changes that can help the school. Also, many schools who have recycling programs get money for the paper they do recycle that they can use on their campus for many different causes.

  • No it's not far to over kids

    When kids don't pick up after they self they have recycling programs but when kids pick it up there picking up after someone's mess so it's like there the Mede of the person who not picking up Olay the people who litter should pick up over people shouldent be forse to pick up over people's mess

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