• It is unfair.

    Yes, there should be reformations to Tort law, because lawyers will just sue someone, knowing that there isn't even a fair grounds for it, and the only people who benefit are the lawyers. Justice is not done. People who have not done anything wrong are victimized by greedy lawyers who just want a payout.

  • Medical procedures need to be heard by experts

    Due to the ability of a lawyer to play on general ignorance of medical science (and in some cases, science in general) tort law should be reformed to reduce ridiculous claims out of the system and making reasonable determinations of action by those who know more about this subject matter. Unless there is a resurgence of scientific literacy, it seems highly unfair for a public unscientifically trained to make such determinations.

  • Yes, Tort law should be reformed.

    This argument should be prefaced by recognizing the value of torts. They serve a valuable purpose by creating a mechanism through which wronged parties can be made whole. Tort reform usually refers to protecting businesses from lawsuits. To some extent, businesses need to be held accountable if they harm innocent parties. Where there is room for reform is in creating a deterrent to frivolous tort sorts, and ensuring that more of the awards go to the wronged parties and less to the lawyers (this will also help reduce the number of frivolous torts).

  • Yes There Should

    I believe there should be reformations to Tort Law. I believe this process has become so clouded that most common people can not understand it. These laws need to be changed so that the average person can bring someone to court if need be. As the system is, it simply serves those who can afford lawyers.

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