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Freedom Of Speech Is Dangerous!

  We could have people spouting homophobic, racist, nationalist and downright offensive views, their defense is usually "Free Speech". Without total freedom of speech, the KKK would not be able to legally exist, Neo-Nazis would be stopped, and racist abuse would be disallowed. The freedom of speech that was originally proposed died with the American dream.
Anonymous says2013-07-18T21:53:00.157
First off, all of the organizations you mentioned would still exist without freedom of speech, they just wouldn't have public demonstrations and would likely divert their attention to terrorist acts instead. Secondly, I do not know when you claim the "American Dream" died, but keep in mind we are much LESS racist and homophobic than we used to be. Keep in mind, we used to have slaves....Now we do not. Lastly, if we do not have freedom of speech, who decides what is alright to say? You claim homophobic views are bad....But what happens if a homophobe is in the Whitehouse? The fight for gay rights would be impossible. Racist speech is bad? What if racists control the government? Nationalism? Well this is an easy one. The government will always be nationalistic and therefore, people will always spout nationalist views. The worry is that we will not be able to spout anti-nationalist views if you have your way and freedom if speech is banned.
Anonymous says2013-07-18T22:11:59.050
All that crap would still go on
idontlikepeople says2013-07-19T20:10:39.800
But who's aloud to say whats aloud or not? That creates a biased society, once you try to censor freedom of speech you become a fascist society.

"you can have freedom of speech, as long as i agree with you."
JFT22 says2013-07-22T20:35:12.910
If you restrict freedom of speech, then it is not freedom of speech from the original standpoint when the bill was created.
TheShamelessTruth says2014-01-17T09:28:31.753
In the posters defense there are countries that disallowe racism and treat the kkk and neonazis like very harshly, especially germany, and the kkk and nazis are in fact unable to legally exist, and racial slurs are disallowed. So the benefits he listed are possible and plausible but the good does not outweigh the bad
Pobothehobo says2016-02-29T14:46:07.183
Prejudice transcends speech; if you hate someone but you're restricted from saying so does not mean you will stop hating them. Subconscious stigma, due to racist individuals and the media, also exists, and it is this reason why, regardless of all the horrible things people say, we should still be entitled to our First Amendment.
ABeard says2016-07-03T17:00:12.563
No one can restrict speech. This reminds me of a book called 1984 where their is thought police and if you even think about something people don't like they will arrest you. If someone restricts the RIGHT of speech then it is no longer a right it is then a government PRIVILEGE. A right is something everyone owns it is your property,therefore only you can restrict your rights. No one owns my tongue,my lips, or my vocal chords i do, therefore if i'm on my property, or PUBLIC property i'm allowed to exercise all my rights fully. If i want to cuss off everyone in the world sure, i'll probably be hated by everyone but that doesn't mean i did anything illegal.
nanafrimpong353 says2017-12-19T01:30:52.933
If freedom of speech is limited, others will not given the right to oppose any form of ideologies they may disagree with.
mjklgh says2020-05-06T16:17:21.667

Yes, No one owns your tongue or lips. But they have the right to restrict freedom of speech, As long as you stand in their lands.
Society gives you the opportunity to thrive, Feed, Shelter, And help you grow. In turn, You are supposed to let them set restrictions on life. If you think they shouldn’t control your freedom, Then you must leave society.
brolum says2021-05-30T23:42:48.167

False. If freedom of speech is removed, Then yes, You would be right. But "limited" does not mean completely removing the freedom of speech. What if they allow disagreements, But restrict the more criminal-associated speech such as libel and slander? Thus, You can still oppose ideologies you disagree with as long as you aren't using libel.
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