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I don't think it's right

  Kids can commit suicide because kid think it's a free country and they can say what they want well their wrong .It is a free country but u don't know how much it would hurt someone and this all leads to bullies. Bullies think they can say what they want but they never know how much their hurting someone. People getting hurt can lead to suicide I don't agree with with freedom of speech
funwiththoughts says2014-01-17T11:48:59.557
How exactly do you ban kids from killing themselves? It's not like you can have any consequences for someone who is already dead.
FosterThePeople says2015-09-14T17:48:19.770
Maybe if our kids learned how to use proper grammar that wouldn't happen?
opinionated19 says2016-02-25T23:07:13.687
Maybe you should focus on using the correct form of words instead of choosing to give up your rights.
Pobothehobo says2016-02-29T14:39:11.507
Suicide from bullying, even after speech laws are put against it, is hard to stop. Neglect from classmates, physical bullying or maybe even the subconscious stigma toward a certain race can still cause problems. The situation is more dependent on the idea of teaching your children to defend themselves and be strong against all odds
themassesaredumb says2016-05-14T02:26:05.927
That's what I could never comprehend... How do words kill (or perform any action)??? They don't. Words don't cause suicides...The weak minded 'lil s**t that took their own life did the action. Yep, I know how that sounds, but getting sick and tired of 'emotion' leading everything, and rationale/reason taking a backseat. Yet, this is the f***'ed up trend now-a-days... "OMG, your words offended me!!! ...Now I have a green light to enact any ignorant, violent action I want." "Your words/belief/etc. Causes violence!" Nope, and it's not complicated...You [rhetorically] cause the violence/action/whatever, period.

My question [rhetorically], why do you put so much value into meaningless words, then [you] decide to take some form of action. Essentially, pro 'free speech restrictions' seem to me, are best summed up a silly movie quote "the engine is running, but there's no one behind the wheel." For example, I tell ya to turn left...And you're just gonna turn left? You have no decision over that huh? Here's how I make it in life...I (and myself alone) decide if the s**t anyone spews even matters at all. If it doesn't, well, it's like you never existed. If I decide it offends me, I say go f*** yourself and move on. It's simple. Again, I can't comprehend how a decision to restrict free speech is even an issue. Restrictions only purpose serves to control/oppress people, or let the weak minded pass the responsibility for their BS actions onto someone else (i.E. Another form of control).
Halochicken says2016-05-23T22:17:30.757
Your first sentance makes it sound like kids can commite suicide here and there
ABeard says2016-08-21T15:12:31.777
Halochicken- Kids can commit suicide if they were to choose to, because they aren't putting any one else's life in danger but themselves, therefore, no matter how bad suicide is, you still can choose to do so, because you have the right of choice, to fail or to succeed.
ABeard says2016-08-21T15:12:44.240
Halochicken- Anyone can commit suicide if they were to choose to, because they aren't putting any one else's life in danger but themselves, therefore, no matter how bad suicide is, you still can choose to do so, because you have the right of choice, to fail or to succeed.
angryhamsterwhiskey says2016-10-29T14:59:41.973
I see your point about bullying, but don't you think that free speech also give people the opportunity to defend those who are being bullied? Free speech allows people the chance to defend what they believe is right, in this case- protecting people from bullies. I believe there should be restrictions to free speech, but I also know that it's difficult to define a line in which people cannot cross. How do we determine if the restrictions can be applied to most if not all the people under these rights?
ConservativeCunt says2016-12-02T17:00:00.283
This is the absolutely most retarded comment I've ever seen. The statistic of a child killing him/herself is 7 to 9. You want to ban the right to religion and to express themselves because some kids are cunts? Fuck you, you communist prick. Freedom of speech is the only reason you're on a fucking public website expressing your damn opinion you hypocrite. Please do us a favor and kill yourself for wanting to ban this country's greatest asset.
zhaod1 says2018-06-04T14:39:41.563
The Bible clearly shows that there should be restrictions on freedom of speech. After all, we have barely any "rights" according to the Bible.
debateingrandom.guy says2018-08-22T06:42:53.667
I aint agreeing or disagreeing
i am nuteral
mjklgh says2020-05-06T16:15:32.573

But the mean and rude comments the bully said to the victim are stuck in the victim’s head. There’s no way you can defend that unless you want some sort of surgery with your brain.
brolum says2021-06-03T05:25:04.900

U can prevent the source of depression that causes them to commit suicide, Aka hate speech.
brolum says2021-06-03T05:26:32.977

Since when did restriction = give up rights? We're not asking to abolish freedom of speech.

'Maybe you should focus on using the correct form of words"
^ Bruh, That's also a restriction u know.
brolum says2021-06-03T05:27:08.920

Just because it's hard to completely stop it, Doesn't mean we can't reduce the suicides from bullying.
brolum says2021-06-03T05:29:11.630

"why do you put so much value into meaningless words"

U do realize ppl can use words for personal gain? Such as lying that a certain company committed some crime against u so that u could get their money as "compensation" for a crime they never committed. This is called libel, And is actually banned.

Another thing is that when ppl might use speech to help warn ppl of lets say fire spreading or something. But this can also be abused by yelling "fire" when there is none. So there's another example.
brolum says2021-09-10T23:43:14.853

The fact that you don't realize that words can cause action because your braindead mind just erroneously simplifes it explains why.

Yes, Saying words doesn't cause action, But it can change how other people react to it. And that's where libel can arise from.

By your logic, If someone randomly accuses someone that they are a rapist (when they aren't) and the accuser wins a fake lawsuit, Then you are arguing that they are not in the wrong. Your logic would be, They simply used words, So they are not at fault. The court is.
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