• I don't think it's right

    Kids can commit suicide because kid think it's a free country and they can say what they want well their wrong .It is a free country but u don't know how much it would hurt someone and this all leads to bullies. Bullies think they can say what they want but they never know how much their hurting someone. People getting hurt can lead to suicide I don't agree with with freedom of speech

  • Freedom Of Speech Is Dangerous!

    We could have people spouting homophobic, racist, nationalist and downright offensive views, their defense is usually "Free Speech". Without total freedom of speech, the KKK would not be able to legally exist, Neo-Nazis would be stopped, and racist abuse would be disallowed. The freedom of speech that was originally proposed died with the American dream.

  • Some restrictions are absolutely necessary.

    Hate speech, lies, and slander are not protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, as determined by SCOTUS. I feel, if I decided to threaten my opponent with death, I ought to be removed from this website. In worst cases, I might even face incarceration for severe hate speech and slander. Some regulation is absolutely necessary. Any Constitutional right can be limited; it's the degree that matters most.

  • Should freedom of speech have restriction

    Yes because some people like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton use the right freedom of speech in a wrong way by criticizing each other and show kids and adults the wrong way to use freedom of speech it should restrictions from cruising /insulting talk back or be disrespectful to gossip to tempt or trick people it shouldn't have restrictions on evangelizing or to speak out against injustice

  • I think that there should be limits on freedom of speech

    I am not against freedom of speech, I just think that there should be limitations on what you can say in particular situations. I think that people shouldn't be able to say things that could offend someone or their religion. I also think that they should say thins that could cause people to do immoral things. Just think about what could happen.

  • Chicken nuggets ARE BAE

    I lovie mcdonalds even though others might say that it is discusting. I peronaly enjoy the fries but others say it tastes like cardboard.Gross gross grosss grosss grosss

  • There already are

    True freedom would mean we can say whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want w/o getting into legal trouble. With defamation laws and the laws behind verbal threats we cannot do that. I cannot tell the president i plan on murdering him w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot run into a movie theatre and yell fire w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot say John raped and killed Bridgette (knowing it wasn't true) and avoid legal trouble or lawsuits. These kind of restrictions are good. Just as long as they stick to these.

  • Where one freedom begins is where the other ends.

    We have our 1st Amendment rights given to us by the US Constitution. One of these is the freedom of speech. But sometimes there has to be restrictions on speaking, for instance swearing in public. Swearing in public is bad and is a public nuisance. It also hurts other people's feelings and embarrasses them. This form of freedom of speech should be restricted in public.

  • Words can hurt

    Many people suffer from racial discrimination, stereotypical opinions, and bullying. Freedom of speech is something that shouldn't be taken advantage of. It is hard to be free and kind simultaneously because many people tend to misuse freedom of speech. It is used as an excuse to bully, harass, and discriminate people rather than in a positive way.

  • Freedom has limits.

    Our freedom ends where the other's starts, one must be free to give its opinions, with coherence and respect, but must be consequent with the sensitivity of people. Americans wouldn't tolerate someone talking positively about 9\11 the same way Germans for example do not tolerate nazi manifestations.
    To use our freedom we must respect the other's freedom aswell.

  • Stop firing people because you don't agree with their opinions

    This is a country built on freedom to believe and express yourself without fear. People have a right to their feelings even if you as an individual find those opinions are totally against your beliefs. No matter how negative or hurtful the comment they should be able to express them. In a perfect world all would be judged by their actions and attitudes. We are not perfect people and it is not a perfect world.

  • Everyone has Different Opinions

    We live in a world where everyone will have different opinions. We can tell them why we disagree with their opinions, But at the end of the day, We can't really change their opinions. Not many people will change their opinions when presented with facts. For this reason I believe that there shouldn't be any restrictions. There is both hate and love in this world, It's how things work and everyone is their own person. Freedom of speech can be a blessing and a curse. It can be useful, But it can as well be used in harmful ways.

  • No, All speech is free.

    While I despise Nazis, The KKK, And all other racist groups; it's not anyone's place to decide what is and what is not allowed to be said. I believe that restrictions on freedom of speech (especially online) leads to echo chambers on both sides. The best way to solve racism and other social problems is for an open discussion where nothing is off-limits.

  • I, Myself do not agree with this.

    "freedom of speech and expression" means that your free to express whatever you want and people should not be offended by it. But the thing is, Kids this days shares memes that are not appropriate. Racism and depression are examples of it. Kids these days are joking about depression bc they know they are free to do so. Bullying developed bc of the freedom of speech, Where not so disciplined people bullies the innocent bc they aren't gonna get punished for it. Crimes like rape, Murder and abuse are examples of why theyre shouldnt be a freedom of speech and expression. A parent verbally abusing there kids can easily say it's just their way of disciplining their child when it clearly isn't, And people will believe it unless the child speaks up but the child is too scared. So technically, Not everyone is feeling they are free.

  • We need freedom of speech!

    Freedom of speech is a human right. We are allowed to speak whenever on government grounds as long as to not interfere with school or jobs. It is also written in the First Amendment by James Madison. And those are my reasons why Freedom of Speech should not be restricted.

  • Eh I don't agree

    When you talk about free speech being limited its usually by legal regulation, I’m going to be talking about that. Freedom of speech is one of the most important and fundamental human right. It’s our voice and reason, And just because someone may disagree or take offence, We are not responsible for their well being enough that we shouldn’t be able to say things freely. A free society depends on the free exchange of ideas, And nearly all of them can offend someone. Even things like Darwinism which is just a scientific theory caused a great religious offence in their time. Freedom of expression reinforces all other human rights, Allowing society to develop and progress, The ability to express our opinion and speak freely is essential to bring about change in society. Besides we owe so many things that we have today to freedom of speech, Or more specifically protests. The 1913 suffrage parade 5000 woman speaking out for the right to vote. If everyone was just censored because we didn’t agree things like this wouldn’t happen.
    The concept of democracy is that of self-government by the people. Where we have our voices when we don’t agree with something or have our own set of beliefs without prosecution. If you put a chain on that than whats the point. Also, Free speech is just that, You can’t pick and choose what is free and what isn’t. When the government censors certain "unallowable" opinions, And at the same times pretends to protect "freedom of speech", It is essentially saying "you are free to say whatever you want, As long as you don't say this. " This is the same principle that exists in even the most totalitarian societies; saying that that society has "free speech" becomes meaningless.
    And its not always just legal, Peter Cytanovic and Colin Kaepernick found themselves in the biggest free speech controversies in recent years. Peter Cytanovic became the face of white nationalism when a picture of him snarling, Holding a tiki torch at the Unite the Right Rally blew up. On the opposite end, Colin Kaepernick went on to the NFL and used his position to take a knee during the national anthem to highlight police brutality and racial injustice. Both of their stories were extremely controversial, There were calls and campaigns for them to be expelled for their opinions. But regardless whether you agree with them or not that is their legal right and they’re entitled to an opinion without consequence. I think many on the left would love a world where Mr. Kaepernick could take a knee without any worry the government would force the NFL to fire him, But where a government school would still have the power to expel Mr. Cytanovic.

  • Freedom of speech is all speech

    Freedom of speech applies to all speech no matter how hateful.
    L'm sorry that the world doesn't revolve around you and compensates for every little thing that offends you. The world isn't a fair place and you need to toughen up. Fix yourself before you try to fix the world because then you just start hurting it more.

  • Freedom of speech was a key factor in how America was brought up

    The founders thought the freedom of speech was so important because they lived in an age where they did not have any. Usually, Under an absolute monarchy or an autocracy the rights of freedom of speech is limited. If they expressed themselves against the king, They would either get shut down or tarred and feathered. Now, This is not reality now in America because we do not need to worry about retaliation over saying how we feel. However, This could change.

    Now that america is pampered with the government giving freedom of speech, People are starting to take it for granted. The truth is, Probably none of the people had any experience with government oppression now. Usually people have different mindsets when they have been under a government that does not allow freedom of speech. They have to experience the torture of fearing every day and try to keep their mouths shut or not to express themselves too much in fear of getting a cruel punishment like being sent to a political prision, Getting shot, Or worse, Being sent to a labor camp. This is why people come to america, Where they will not get preyed on for having a different opinion, Religion or political standpoint.

  • Words hurt, But. . .

    I used to deal with really hardcore depression and it was not fun at all. One day it kinda just stopped because I realized the only reason I was feeling that way was because I was being insecure, Weak, And retarded. Most of the way I felt was because of bullying. Even though I was really hurt, I don’t think just because I was hurt, The other person should be punished or prosecuted. People should be allowed to say what they want, As long as it doesn’t threaten the physical safety of others.

  • Support Existing Laws

    So long as a person is slandering another or yelling fire in a crowded area then the freedom of speech should go on as best as possible to better allow a democratic and more importantly, Free society. So that people of all nations and creeds can talk freely. More importantly, The freedom to question one's own government should never be limited

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