• I don't think it's right

    Kids can commit suicide because kid think it's a free country and they can say what they want well their wrong .It is a free country but u don't know how much it would hurt someone and this all leads to bullies. Bullies think they can say what they want but they never know how much their hurting someone. People getting hurt can lead to suicide I don't agree with with freedom of speech

  • Freedom Of Speech Is Dangerous!

    We could have people spouting homophobic, racist, nationalist and downright offensive views, their defense is usually "Free Speech". Without total freedom of speech, the KKK would not be able to legally exist, Neo-Nazis would be stopped, and racist abuse would be disallowed. The freedom of speech that was originally proposed died with the American dream.

  • Some restrictions are absolutely necessary.

    Hate speech, lies, and slander are not protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, as determined by SCOTUS. I feel, if I decided to threaten my opponent with death, I ought to be removed from this website. In worst cases, I might even face incarceration for severe hate speech and slander. Some regulation is absolutely necessary. Any Constitutional right can be limited; it's the degree that matters most.

  • Should freedom of speech have restriction

    Yes because some people like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton use the right freedom of speech in a wrong way by criticizing each other and show kids and adults the wrong way to use freedom of speech it should restrictions from cruising /insulting talk back or be disrespectful to gossip to tempt or trick people it shouldn't have restrictions on evangelizing or to speak out against injustice

  • I think that there should be limits on freedom of speech

    I am not against freedom of speech, I just think that there should be limitations on what you can say in particular situations. I think that people shouldn't be able to say things that could offend someone or their religion. I also think that they should say thins that could cause people to do immoral things. Just think about what could happen.

  • Chicken nuggets ARE BAE

    I lovie mcdonalds even though others might say that it is discusting. I peronaly enjoy the fries but others say it tastes like cardboard.Gross gross grosss grosss grosss

  • There already are

    True freedom would mean we can say whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want w/o getting into legal trouble. With defamation laws and the laws behind verbal threats we cannot do that. I cannot tell the president i plan on murdering him w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot run into a movie theatre and yell fire w/o getting into legal trouble. I cannot say John raped and killed Bridgette (knowing it wasn't true) and avoid legal trouble or lawsuits. These kind of restrictions are good. Just as long as they stick to these.

  • Where one freedom begins is where the other ends.

    We have our 1st Amendment rights given to us by the US Constitution. One of these is the freedom of speech. But sometimes there has to be restrictions on speaking, for instance swearing in public. Swearing in public is bad and is a public nuisance. It also hurts other people's feelings and embarrasses them. This form of freedom of speech should be restricted in public.

  • Words can hurt

    Many people suffer from racial discrimination, stereotypical opinions, and bullying. Freedom of speech is something that shouldn't be taken advantage of. It is hard to be free and kind simultaneously because many people tend to misuse freedom of speech. It is used as an excuse to bully, harass, and discriminate people rather than in a positive way.

  • Freedom has limits.

    Our freedom ends where the other's starts, one must be free to give its opinions, with coherence and respect, but must be consequent with the sensitivity of people. Americans wouldn't tolerate someone talking positively about 9\11 the same way Germans for example do not tolerate nazi manifestations.
    To use our freedom we must respect the other's freedom aswell.

  • Everyone should be able to have a voice.

    Everyone should be able to say what they want to say. We should be allowed to express how we feel. No one should be held back from being able to speak. Why should not be able to talk? There is no reason. If someone wants to speak then let them speak. Everyone should be able to have a voice.

  • Free speech can easily be called hate speech without identifying what constitutes hate speech.

    Google and Microsoft are passing EU regulation on Americans. They say no hate speech but do not define what that is. They are allowed to take your content and share it with who ever they want without identifying who those people are. Also you cannot sue them you have to use arbitation. People get arrested everyday in other countries for being politically incorrect even if they are seemingly innocent statements or someones opion. Special groups of people are protected even if they are violating your rights and person. Example comedians make jokes but a guy was arrested for making a joke involving his dog. Yea it was bad taste but I've seen Prince William and John Cleeze do worse. They did not get arrested. Also videos and content are being taken down when they had no hate speech but people who had different political views deemed it hate speech. It's like communist have taken over the web. This opionion could be called hate speech. I rest my case.

  • Its our right

    Freedom of speech is the birth right of mankind.
    If this is taken away from us then other human rights will be taken away. Everybody knows that driving is a privilege and some people think freedom of speech is also a privilege. It is clearly mentioned in the 1st amendment that freedom of speech can not be abridged.

  • So many people fought and died for freedom of speech,

    If you dont like freedom of speech, go to a communist country and see how they live... We became the country we are because of it, dont tear down what so many people fought for. What happened to the good old saying, sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

  • No because you should be able to say what you want.

    We have the freedom of speach deal with it but you can be respect ful with it as well. Liberals are babying our country makeing everyone sissies take the bully freezone crap out of here and teach people to stand up for themselfs if your going to bully me im gunna punch you in the mouth dont care how old tall short young you are!! Come on guys grow up im 15 and see that country is being pulled down from the inside and thats going to make it easier from the outside.

  • Everyone should be able to have their own belief

    Without giving our true opinion or not being able to stand up for what we believe in would ruin most things in america such as post and politics and also religious matters and that is unfair that one person gets to support their a jew but in schools we cannot even talk about christianity in schools at all

  • Limiting leads to more limiting

    If you start limiting every type of speech or opinion that you don't like then it won't ever end. Limiting one group from saying their opinions will lead another group to want to limit a different group. Limiting leads to more limiting. If we start limiting, it'll never end, and the more we limit, the more we start to look like North Korea and not a democracy like America.

    Also, when someone argues against the right to free speech, they are contradicting themselves because while arguing, they are exercising their right to freedom of speech.

    To address the issue of violence, it seems to me that if we limit freedom of speech, then the first resort would be violence. People would have no way of convincing people of their ideas and beliefs because they won't have the right to say their opinion. So restricting freedom of speech will actually promote violence.

  • Hypocrites listen up

    I hope all those that disagree with free speech realize that they have been utterly hypocritical by using their own freedom of speech to express their opinion on this website. Seriously, if you're going to say that's something isn't right at least make sure you aren't doing it yourself, it's just common sense people, or are you going to try and take that away too huh?

  • Keep freedom of speech

    According to the First Amendment, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech."It became important for these settlers, and those that came after them, to be able to speak out publicly regarding their political opinions freely and without fear of retaliation.

  • Truth cannot be found without freedom of speech

    We can not know whether what we think is true or robust if we are not willing to listen to opinions that oppose our own. The problem with restrictions on free speech, is that the person, or body of people deciding who should be allowed to speak and who should not, may be influenced by their own biases or external pressures, and a fair decision may not be reached. Speech should be open and free to be critiqued, otherwise the speakers will feel suppressed and angry, and this will result in these conversations moving to underground echo chambers, where dangerous opinions are amplified without ever meeting opposition to dismantle their fundaments or incorrect suppositions. Freedom of speech is what keeps society safe and sane. It is always better to know what your opponent is thinking, even if you don't like it or agree.

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