Should there be restrictions on purchasing firearms?

  • Yes safety should come first

    There should definitely be restrictions on the purchase of firearms. Our main goal should be to ensure the safety of everyone. A person should have to have the proper documentation and qualify based on a background check to own a gun. They should also be limitied to the type of gun they can buy.

  • Guns should not be banned. But they should be restricted.

    I am not American. But I am going to say I would like the freedom to live peacefully and not in the fear being killed. My point of view is that. Yes. Having guns to protect yourself is helpful in some cases. But for every invention ever made by mankind there is always an idiot who has misused it. Guns are no different. I don't get why people can't the many death caused by the miss use of guns.

  • Limited restrictions, though.

    I agree with background checks which also includes being committed into a mental institution, but that's about it. If you need to go to a doctor before purchasing a gun to get approval to buy a gun then that's just crazy and who knows how far they would go with it. They might say that I'm too unstable to purchase a firearm because I've been deployed overseas in the military and I may/may not have PTSD or some nonsense like that especially if I ALREADY own several firearms.

  • No, there shouldn't be.

    It's called the 2nd Amendment. It clearly says, "shall not be infringed." You can talk all you want about how the Founding Fathers didn't foresee machine guns. You may be correct, but if they wrote "shall not be infringed," they probably meant something by it. They knew technology would develop. The simple fact is, they were all smarter than most people nowadays.

    If I want to buy a gun, let me buy a gun. If I want to buy a machine gun, let me buy a machine gun. No questions asked. I'm no criminal, I would have no intent on killing people, I just want a machine gun, that's it.

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