• They are dangerous.

    The full face veils (Burkas) are dangerous, as who knows what a Muslim woman could hide under there. And there's no denying it, A Muslim is WAY more likely than someone from any other religion to blow themselves up. Yes, ban them. In fact, ban the Muslim. Send them back home, because we're full.

  • If something is practiced by a legitimate religion, it shouldn't be made illegal.

    Full face veils are primarily worn by Muslim women. Making full face veils illegal would be a
    direct attack against Islam. That would
    not be fair to all of the Muslims who have been living peacefully in America
    for years. America is a country that has
    freedom of religion, and that should apply to all legitimate religions.

  • Some religions require women to wear full-face veils in public.

    Some religions require that women wear full-face veils in public. To not wear them is tantamount to indecent exposure. These women should have the right to exercise their right to honor the laws of their religion. Furthermore, laws preventing full-face veils in public are likely targeted at those who practice certain religions, which would make them unconstitutional.

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