• School dress codes aid in facilitating a learning environment.

    Students attend school primarily for one purpose: to learn. With that in mind, it is important to eliminate as many distractions as possible in a learning environment. School dress codes are an ideal way to minimize distractions that may prevent students from usurping the maximum benefit from educational opportunities that present themselves.

  • Dress codes put kids on their better behavior

    Dress code does not need to be a rigidly enforced uniform that removes children's identity and individuality but a code that has them wearing something nice will be conducive to nicer behavior. The kids can express their individuality from outrageous costumes to gang colors on the weekends. The school is an institute for learning and obtaining an education where no distractions are needed.

  • It is bad.

    It can cause teasing cause someone doesnt like your clothes, it is a lot less money to buy a uniform for school then to buy 5 alfits for a week, and it will help them focus more on school then on fashon. Thats my argument about this statment. Your Welcome!!!!!!!

  • Dress Codes are not necessary.

    Dress-codes are not necessary to the learning process, and it is idiotic that children should get punished for not wearing what is determined "right." That's punishing students for individuality, and that's downright stupid. Why in the world would one need to wear specific clothes in order to learn? They don't.

  • Read my argument

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