• Go school uniforms

    Yes, because kids are mostly judged on what they are wearing instead of there personality or what's in there heads. If students had school uniforms there minds wont be focused on "what am I going to wear tomorrow" but on "what test do I need to study for tomorrow". WHEN STUDENTS COME TO SCHOOL, THEY COME TO LEARN! And with uniforms they can do so.

  • I want School Uniforms

    Yes.There should be school uniforms It is because when in school uniforms everyone seems equal and there wouldn't be any bullying between children and much competition. If in a school, everyone is allowed to wear any dress, there would be a discrimination between pupils..For instance between children from a rich family as well as a poor family

  • Yes.There should be school uniforms

    It is because when in school uniforms everyone seems equal and there wouldn't be any bullying between children and much competition. If in a school, everyone is allowed to wear any dress, there would be a discrimination between pupils..For instance between children from a rich family as well as a poor family

  • School uniforms reduce competition

    Some may argue, 'but even if they are school uniforms, there will still be competition! There's hair, looks, etc. Etc....' . But, school uniforms REDUCE competition. This means that there will still be competition, but there wont be as much. This is because all girls would be wearing the same thing, and all boys would be wearing the same thing. Plus, students wouldn't have to buy the latest 'trends', thus saving money

  • There should be school uniforms

    Do you want to be bullied just because someone thinks that the clothes you are wearing are ugly? Don’t you want everyone to seem equal and therefore create a safe learning environment? Well that means that we should keep our school uniform. It may seem surprising to you that I’m saying this but and you think ahead and see the consequences of this action of having no school uniform. You will be surprised and later on, I will be explaining some of these consequences later on.
    Firstly, let’s look at some statistics conducted in 2010. When there was an experimental ‘no school uniform week’ in the school of Tricantrias in North America. And the research conducted can really give you an insight into what is possible if there is no school uniform in an ordinary middle school. And the outcome was that there was a massive increase in activity of bullying and harassment in the whole school only because of the type of clothes that people wore. E.G a rich kid in school was wearing expensive clothes where as a child who belonged to a middle class family wore his normal clothes and the rich kid started bullying the middle class kid because the rich kid felt superior to the middle classed kid. Furthermore, the rich kid developed bad personalities such as arrogance. So when there is a free choice of clothing, this can happen. Whereas when there are students in school uniform, everyone is equal, as in wearing the same clothes and the same colour so there is no feeling of superiority between pupils.

  • Yes! There NEEDS to be school uniforms,

    There should be school uniforms because some people are very judgmental. Your popularity could get downgraded in a day just by your clothing! Take it from me, I'm in middle school. People are mean! Not just to say that some people don't wear appropriate clothing. Ex: Bra straps showing, NO. Shirts that have holes up the arms and down the back, NO. Jeans that are too tight, purposely NO!!. .... That's all I have to say, but enforce school uniforms!

  • It avoids the need to worry about inappropriate clothes.

    It will be better because kids won't have to take as much time to get ready since they already know what they have to wear. Also, there won't be kids that feel like outsiders because they can't afford the same clothes as the others. I think it will help reduce bullying issues at schools.

  • It's mort appropriate for children/teens.

    Being a teenager myself and currently attending highschool that doesn't have a school uniform policy, I would strongly recommend it to the school. The things some students wear is overly flashy and very inappropriate; and nobody ever says anything about it! When girls weaar low-cut shirts, they make sure their breasts are almost completley out of the shirt. Boys wear skinny jeans with holes that are cut way too high and are determined to show what's underneathe. If anything, schools all around should have a school uniform policy. I think it would make a big difference.

  • It is safer for children.

    Many people strongly believe if there is no school uniform any stranger can walk in the school and that is not safe for children. Strangers could easily harm children and the school would be classified as unsafe. A lack of uniforms would also be a distraction to students as they would be more interested in who's wearing what and in the latest fashion. This could contribute to bullying.

  • Schools should have school uniforms

    Teenagers especially have many self confidence issues. With a uniform, every student would feel the same. Also, there could be a casual day Friday where students dress normally. A uniform would help enforce the fact that they are there to learn, not to coast courses and perform the bare minimum.

  • Promote diversity, not unity.

    When you take away the ability for students to express themselves, you remove the part of their freedom that they can actually enjoy at school. The issue will never stop bullying or erase the worry of inappropriate clothing. There will always be rebel students who will dress inappropriately just to "stick it to the man".

  • School uniforms cost too much and restrict freedom.

    Students that are forced to wear uniforms do not have the freedom to wear what they want. I believe that students should wear whatever they want (as long as it's appropriate). The clothes they wear express their feelings and personality. If all students wear the same thing, all of the students would be the same and not themselves. Also, uniforms are expensive these days and these uniforms' price shouldn't be so high. Sometimes, uniforms can be itchy or students may have allergies due to the materials used in the uniform.

  • Not Ever

    No, there should not be school uniforms. If kids are bullying others because of what they wear, parents and teachers need to deal with that and fix the issue. Teaching kids that the way to get along is to strip them of one of the ways that can express themselves is wrong.

  • Not exactly

    Instead of absolute uniforms which have very little room for individuality, schools should enforce stricter guidelines for what is and what is not acceptable. School uniforms can be expensive, and teh state or town should not have that added expense. There is little room for personality, and can make a group of students seem more like insect drones in a hive than people. I understand that dress codes are difficult to enforce, but are a better solution than militaristic or traditional uniforms.

  • Save the money

    I think that you should save the money instead for better education instead of buying school uniforms. Like for example I can save the money and buy chrome books for my or anybody school. Or maybe they could hire more teachers or better experienced teachers .I think there should be no school uniforms!

  • Uniforms don't stop bullying

    People are going to judge you even if you are wearing a uniform. People in my school don't even care what you wear, it is all dependent on how you act. Plus, it feels good to look to rock you!!!! Some people have argued this saying people wont be equal if you don't have uniforms, but in real life no one is equal!!!

  • No school uniforms!

    There should not be school uniforms. This is because if they have to wear it they will all feel the same. If all schools wear school uniforms no one would want to go. Say you get a new dress you can't wear it you have to wear it at a different time.

  • No uniform plz

    I myself wear uniforms to schools every week, they don't help, most kids at my school are acting worst not better for example lots of kids now sware, get into fights, and just don't fallow the rules. Right now I found out that 75 kids at a high school got in school suspendsion for wearing pink shirts to support breast cancer awareness month, wow all of them really! Now I'm only an elementary student so think about this

  • Uniforms are just a large fun and money waster

    Kids love to express themselfs in clothing and the style they wear. People get to know others better by what they wear and to see will they be a good friend for me. Uniforms also cost so much for just one set and you will need more then one uniform. Once kids stop wearing uniforms they will have trouble knowing what to wear. Every morning choosing what you want to wear will also help them find themselfs

  • There shouldn't be uniforms!

    Schools should not have their students wear uniforms. What kids wear is their way of expressing who that are. Kids may show up in in school one day wearing jeans with a hole in the, or some fancy dress, and even some really nice sneakers but that doesn't mean you better than everyone else because you get the good things. The school I go to has a dress code, and we have to follow it,but if someone shows up to school one morning not wearing the nicest clothes does that make them a bad person. The answer is no! Schools should not force the students into wearing school uniforms.

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MtG says2013-06-24T20:52:46.927
I don't think that school uniforms are good ideas. Actually at the last year we had school uniforms but the goverment changed it and it didn't make any sense to have school uniforms. Every sutudent is the same, there is no difrence the main idea is it i think. But there must be dissimilarity. Dissimilarity is good why shouldn't it be. But i agree with to be some limits the sutudents shouldn't pass those limits because it can cause some problems. But DİFFRENCE İS GOOD.