Should there be separate changing rooms for boys and girls?

Asked by: hexfirewell7172
  • Definitely wake up world

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  • Yo serious chiz right here

    Good ladies and gentlemen. Definitely there should changing rooms segregated by sex. It is embarrassing for a male to expose his mokhon to a human of the female sex. Also the mokhon has hair on the erection area and tip of cock mokhon. It is embarrassing for a female to expose her bare buttocks and her hairy wet vagina to a human that belongs to the male sex species. For all I know there could be humping games and jizz will excite a girls titties

  • Deifinitely motherfuckin retards

    It is embarrassing for a male to expose his mokhon to girls and it's embarrassing for a female to expose her hairy wet vagina to a male for all I know humping sessions could happen and ejaculation can go up a girls ass really from age 1 you should have separate changing rooms

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  • Just a matter of privacy.

    Privacy is privacy, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. I for one have been in a position where shared gender neutral restrooms were needed, and all genders could be together without shame or embarrassment. I was comfortable with it myself, but I do not want to speak for all people.

  • Common decency for both genders!

    Some people are not comfortable with changing in front of the opposite sex. Some (not all) of both genders will gawk and make disrespectful comments. You all know people like this. The perverts that want to peek into the women's locker room, well they wouldn't have to be sneaky about it.

  • Yes. . . And separate bathrooms based on genetalia, not gender identification.

    First, I do not care about homosexuality or transgender issues at all. Live and let live; encourage differences and individuality; allow gay marriage, etc. Those issues are actually irrelevant to my observations of how people behave in locker rooms.

    Little kids can share bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. without creating new issues. It is not a particularly critical issue until puberty rears its ugly head. Allowing undressed teenage penises and vaginas in the same room is asking for disaster.

    Expecting pubescent and adolescent kids to behave like rational adults with sufficient self-control is unrealistic. Thinking that all teenagers behave in physical and social spaces according to what 'activities are allowed in them' borders on delusional. There are insufficient supervisory adults at most schools, especially so at middle schools and high schools. Locker rooms are particularly difficult to supervise because the teacher/coach has no clear line of site across the whole room. Even with traditional gender separation arrangements there are incidents. Unisex bathrooms are even more problematic because teachers and school staff do not hang out in bathrooms between or during classes to moderate behavior.

    Admittedly the reality is that full-blown intercourse is unlikely to happen at school. Even so, hormone bombs would still detonate. Pubescent boys get erections out of nowhere during math class, with NO EXTERNAL STIMULATION, so the results of seeing a bra, breast, or panties are predictable, and the outfall could be messy psychologically, physically, legally, and financially. The best case scenario is that kids will take even longer to change clothes, whether because they are delaying in order to change modestly alone, or in order to catch a glimpse of somebody's fun parts. The worst case scenarios involve hospitals, prisons, and life-long therapy.

    The results of the undressed-in-the-locker-room visual interactions between boys and girls would primarily happen outside of school, where there is no adult supervision. To be fair, some of the outfall will just be another version of the typical and perennial bullying or consensual interaction that would have happened anyway. However, some of it will be new, and tied to the increased intimacy that unisex changing/locker rooms will bring.

    Sexuality is confusing enough to kids whose bodies are changing. Teenagers do not really understand what their bodies are doing to their minds, and their gonads are much more active than their minds are prepared to deal with. Body images are difficult to navigate at any age, and this will complicate that for most kids. It is not fair to add this much more intimacy to people who are unprepared for it.

    Truthfully, as a male teacher, I would be terrified to be in a room with an undressing teenage girl. Too many things can go wrong or be misinterpreted, and end my career without me doing anything wrong or unethical. Add to that the fact that some teachers do not have more sense or self-control than a teenager.

    The whole proposition of unisex changing rooms is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Yes there should

    Boys are programmed to look at girls in a sexual way, and girls are programmed to look at boys in a sexual way. Coed changing rooms could and would lead to many complications.

    Each gender needs to be able to get changed without fear of being peeved on by the other gender.

  • It is stupid

    It is a waste of money and space. We know what each others bodies look like anyways. This also solves the issue of whether a bisexual or gay male or female should change with others even though they many be attracted to them. Yes! Same changing rooms don't mean that sexual activities are allowed in them.

  • As you go through life

    It is perfectly natural for boys and girls and men and women to see each other naked, if everybody saw the opposite sex naked throughout their entire lives then nobody would have a problem, even when they got to old age I would love to be naked in the showers with a mixed sex group, so why should it be wrong, I think its defying nature that boys and girls can't see each other naked.

  • No there shouldn't

    I my self am in school and have to through this and honestly i hate it because all girls are way far away but if the dudes and chicks were in the same room i might not hate it as much because i would get to some girls my age boobs and butts and i it required fully changing out of underwear I would see their vagina as well and of course it would be better if teachers weren't there. Also most kids around my age have sex ed and want to have sex or see guys penis's by the way im a straight guy. And if we had to fully change with the girls it would be amazing and everyone would get a kick out of it

  • Mixed changing rooms are best by suleman naheem

    When I was in year 5 (10 years old) I was naughty in p.E my punishment was to Change with girls. And there were 10 girls and me. We were all only in underwear and I kissed all 10 girls and fucked them hard with only underwear on. No teachers supervised us,

  • No separate changing rooms! Mixed changing rooms are the best!

    When I was naughty in p.E (I am a boy) my punishment was to change with the girls. When I got in there I loved it. There were 10 girls there and we were all in our underwear and I kissed all ten of them on the lips plus there was no teacher there.

    Haha you been trolled

  • Not all boys want to change together!!!

    What happens if a boy doesn't feel comfortable with changing in front of a boy or a girl changing in front of a girl. Also, some people would not feel comfortable with changing with those who are not their friends and a feminine boy or a masculine girl may only have friends of the opposite sex.

  • Huuibui ed ee

    Boys can see girls naked and can stare at them boys would never forget this moment. And vice versa girls can see boys naked . They can do anything wrong inside the change room they would have so much fun. And everybody would be so close together. BOYS AND GIRLS WOULD ENJOy

  • There is nothing wrong with the human body, only your mind makes it dirty.

    Boys and girls, men and , should be able to accept the human body as one of Gods greatest creations, and not have to cover it up becuse society says it is dirty. Would you cover a Picaso painting because someone didn't like it.
    Lets get real people, Nudity is sAFE AND INNOCENT, it has nothing to do with sex , it's our minds that make it dirty and our culture that makes it illegal, and also all the prudish people make it dirty.

  • I don't think it matters. They're too young

    Prepuberty boys and girls aren't going to rape, molest, or have intercourse with each other. Perviness is hardly a problem either when a kids doesn't know what the body is for. Also if it really is about stopping people perving over each other then the teachers would under the same principle separate homosexual and transgendered children from the rest, which is also a bit silly.

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