• Yes, that would be great.

    If there were separate sports leagues where steroid use is permitted, this would be great. In fact, I encourage this. There should even be a league for aging athletes where steroid use is permitted. This would show the other side of the coin, because steroid use in older men is actually beneficial.

  • Sounds like a fantastic way of separating to me.

    I am firmly in the camp of no steroid use being allowed. However, I think that this would be a great idea. Let there be leagues where the competitors are all juiced up, and it's a level playing field, all out in the open. And let there be leagues for normal athletes. I'm pretty sure I know which one will survive.

  • That is dangerous.

    No, I do not think that there should be separate sports leagues where steroid use is allowed, because that would be allowing people to do something dangerous. People would use steroids, and it would be bad for their health. We have to legislate for what is the safest and healthiest for the most people.

  • Steroids are illegal for more reasons than athletic edge

    Steroids do supply the user with a certain level of muscle building that is difficult to obtain naturally. However, they are not without their side effects. It is the side effects that makes certain substances illegal. First and foremost, steroids create a dependency, which becomes a major social deficiency. This is the reason that steroids are illegal for use by anyone, and not just restricted to pro players.

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