• In some industries, yes.

    As long as we keep perspective, having robots perform certain services would be ground breaking as well as technologically interesting. Having robots clean, wash dishes, move laws, etc would be a great investment in our future. However, we still need to make sure that we keep our human culture at the same time.

  • Robots are helpful. Therefore, I believe that robots may be needed in some industries.

    Robots can lessen the amount of human labor and help our with many people in order to make their lives easier. Robots may be a great investment in the future. Though it may seem like robots will take away jobs, people also need to command those robots. However, humans have the intelligence and the creativity. Also, humans must keep their culture together at the same time.

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  • Service Robots Should Not Take the Place of Humans

    There should not be service robots in the world. I believe that once we have robots doing the work of humans, what exactly would people do for work? There are already robots to make cars, and less jobs for people, so if we have service robots for other areas like police, human services, and fast food, the people doing those jobs would be displaced. I do not think it is right.

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