• Learing fun sex

    Sex is good in good ways and kids need to know that like my 8 year old knowws what sex is and he watches vidos and he ask me what is the pussy for and he loves to know why he has a dick and why she has a pussy

  • Learing fun sex

    Sex is good in good ways and kids need to know that like my 8 year old knowws what sex is and he watches vidos and he ask me what is the pussy for and he loves to know why he has a dick and why she has a pussy

  • Yes there should be.

    I think that it is a school's responsibility to teach kids about sex. I think that they should because sometimes the parents don't. When a parent does not teach this, a kid or teen will probably start experimenting more when they are curious. Also, schools need to teach about STD's and things.

  • There should always be discussion

    There needs to a discussion with students to destigmatize sex acts and help empower young people. Anecdotally, I know of two people who didn't receive sex education and ended up having very bad experiences because of their lack of knowledge. Most kids snicker at the idea and hide their shame. Instead we need to accept it as something that people just do, and how we can do it safely, securely, and without any guilt or shame.

  • Yes there should

    I think there needs to be more sex education in schools. I think that it is a good thing. Kids need to learn how to be safe during sex. People are going to have sex whether others like it or not. It is best to prepare kids and educate them on how to stay safe and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Teaching abstinence and or not teaching them at all is setting them up for failure. Kids need to learn whether or not they are having sex.

  • All Aspects of Life Studied

    To get a basic education, all aspects of life must be studied, and that includes sex education. All facets of sex education must be explored including pregnancy, abortion, contraception, orgasm, homosexuality and physiology. It just makes sense--even sensitive subjects must be studied for kids to have a well-rounded education in today's world.

  • There should be sex education in school

    There should be sex education in schools. This is because of the fact that many people are not educated about sex come adulthood. This results in rampant STDs, and other issues. Some say that the parents should be the ones to educate their children on this matter, but this is clearly not happening enough.

  • Sex Education Is Important

    I believe sex education is an important topic that should be covered before a student completes school. I think it makes sense to cover some of these topics in an environment with peers, where people can ask questions and get truthful reponses. I do not have a problem with sex education courses and I think they should continue.

  • Sex Education In School

    There should be opportunity for sex education in the school setting, should participants decide to participate in such a program. Schools offer academic education, social development opportunities, and emotional development opportunities, so an offer should include sex education so students learn appropriate and healthy ways to help their bodies. Parents wishing their students not to participate can opt out, but it should be an option provided by the schools.

  • Yes, though value free.

    Sex education is good in schools if it is done in an objective way the way any other academic discipline is treated. There should not be values imposed on the students from the teacher. But they should have the facts they need and some case studies that let them make wise choices.

  • Absolutely not at all.

    Sex should even be illegal! Sex is bad for you in many ways, and it is not "fun." People use sex wrongfully, such as convincing people to commit crime, and forcing people to have sex. Sex should not even exist, for it's not good for anybody. Demolish sex. Destroy sex. Ban sex. Annihilate sex. However you say it, let sex be gone for good.

  • No there shouldn't.

    There should not be sex education in school. This is something that should be left up to the parents to teach their kid. The school system already raises kids to much, while the parents sit back and don't do anything. That money could be spent on plenty of other things for the school other than sex ed.

  • I don't think so

    If a teacher talks about sex in front of 20 students or so, who haven't been previously informed about by their parents , they will most likely start making jokes and not take him seriously. Therefore they will go and try it and face sex like a joke, too. I think it's safer and less risky to let parents have that talk with their children,

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