• Segration Has Been Gone For Years

    I think it is unreasonable to believe that there should be different schools for different race groups. We are all part of the global community and must learn to live together. Segregating schools by race would be a huge step backwards and create more divisions between ethnic lines, making the problem worse, not better.

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  • Decolonize Education to make equality the foundation

    Until educational institutions are decolonized and reflect the belief system of all races rather than that of one culture that places itself as superior and best, we cannot possibly serve the needs of those who have been marginalized and oppressed simply for their colour. There is no equality in education. Society does not treat everyone the same. If the teachers spent more time with those who aren't succeeding then maybe things would even out. As it is, the marginalized are left behind because society just does not care enough. People have to take care of their own when there is a brick wall. Just because the door is open to everyone, does not mean everyone gets treated equally once they step inside

  • Do not ever do this

    Please do not separate schools by race. We're all equal. Our skin is the same. We may not look the same, but we have the same heart, lungs, brain, etc. Don't do this. I will not be able to talk to 1/4 of my friends. That would ruin many kid's lives.

  • People learn from eachother

    People from all races should be in the same schools,every body from all walks of life can learn from each other. You can not judge by skin color. What if you were them and they were you think of how angry you would be. Is that really how you want to be remembered. A jerk who thinks that color is character. White people make the same mistakes and more of them. Everybody is biologically equal.

  • No way at all

    Public schools means that the public, everyone, should be able to go. No harm comes if both races share a school together. My school has both races and no conflicts come up at all. I am friends with all kinds of people from all different races and they are all as caring as the next.

  • This isn't 1950.

    No, there should not be single-race public schools, because segregation will never teach us to get along. There is no reason that children should be divided up based on arbitrary characteristics that they cannot help. Schools should be integrated as much as possible, because diversity makes life more interesting. Differences are additional ways to learn.

  • No, I do not believe there should be single-race public schools.

    I do not believe there should be single-race public schools, because I think it would be economically impossible. America is so integrated with different races of people. The idea seems unrealistic, not to mention it would undue all the process America has made in race relations since the Civil Rights era.

  • No,there should not be single-race public schools.

    Single race schools would end up being nothing but a bad idea.Students need to learn in a diverse environment.A multi-race school would teach students to not only tolerate but appreciate other races.This is important because they may not encounter other races and cultures in their everyday home life or through their family.

  • Absolutely no way.

    First of all single race schools are now illegal due to the Civil Rights movement and the fact that segregation is in no way separate but equal. There are a lot of problems with our education system, but the fact that different races intermingle is definitely not one of them.

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