Should there be special provisions so that handicapped individuals can compete in gymnastic competitions?

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  • No, there are already competitions.

    The Paralympic Games are created to allow handicapped people to compete in a compitition similar to the Olympic Games. There are other handicapped compitition for disabled gymnasts at lower levels. Accomidations do not need to be made to allow them to compete with everyone else. If they can compete there is an option for it.

  • No, there should not be special provisions so that handicapped individuals can compete in gymnastics cometitions.

    Instead of special provisions, which would create an unfair advantage for handicapped individuals in a gymnastics competition, a handicapped person should figure out a way to modify their equipment in order to safely participate. Much like special prosthetics are engineered for runners, handicapped gymnasts should also seek safe equipment for competition.

  • This shouldn't happen in regular competitions.

    Handicapped individuals do not need to be given special provisions to participate in gymnastics. The sport requires an able body, just like many other sports do. There are ways for handicapped individuals to participate, such as in the Special Olympics, and I think that's a great thing. However, regular sports don't need to change to accommodate different abilities.

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