Should there be stricter penalties for the drivers that get caught driving under the influence?

  • Yes because then less people would die from cars.

    "Wisconsin has the highest rate of drunk driving in the nation, according to a 2009 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Drunk driving cost Wisconsin an estimated $500 million that year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation." With stricter rules Wisconsin would have less issues with drunk driving and would not have to spend so much money due o drunk driving.

    “Drunk Driving Laws Need to Be Stricter.” Royal Purple News, 1 Apr. 2014, royalpurplenews.Com/13767/opinion/drunk-driving-laws-need-to-be-stricter

  • Yes because then the roads would be safer to be on.

    People would feel safer to drive, new drives will have a safer place to drive and little kids could play outside on the streets more. If a driver gets caught driving under the influence then their license should be suspend for at least a year if not more. Or the driver should have to go through schooling about driving,

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