Should there be stricter regulations on food imported to the U.S.?

  • Stricter regulations would save lives.

    Food imported into the U.S. should be tested for every known
    pathogen in order to make sure that it will not be toxic for American
    consumers. Just a few years ago, scores
    of Americans were sickened by imported spinach that was carrying bacteria. There were even a few deaths. We have to eat to survive, so we should do
    everything within our power to protect the purity of our food supply.

  • for our health and safety concern we need to have stricter regulation

    Food that we consume have great impact on our health. And do to lots of consumtion of the frozen food thats been imported from foreign conturies. Foods such as raw shrimps, and seafoods is been imported from other countries, and we can not control that, due to lots of cause sea food production is less in U.S. So in this case we need to have strict regulation on imported food.

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