Should there be stricter requirements for people to become teachers?

  • In one word. "Yes."

    Looking at the news and the amount of sex offenders using their profession of being a teacher to harass children, I tend to agree the we need to regulate the requirements of being a teacher. The government should bring about stricter background checks as well as a better testing system so that our children gets the most education in the best way possible.

  • Yes, there should be stricter requirements for teachers

    Teaching the next generation is possibly the most important job a person can have. I think it's ridiculous that there are not stricter education requirements to be a teacher in this country. That being said, the pay should also be greatly increased in order to attract better educated, more qualified teachers, so that we do not have to worry about taking any person that happens to apply for the job.

  • Yes I believe this.

    It is without a doubt that there should be stricter requirements for those who want to become teachers. Grade teachers have become very lax when it comes to the personal boundaries are laid out clearly between students and the lack of knowledge that some possess is depressing. Foremost though heavier background checks should be the most important aspect of high requirements.

  • Yes, teachers should meet stricter guidelines.

    There have, unfortunately, been several instances of teachers doing illegal and immoral things to students. This warrants a need for schools to conduct very detailed background checks on teachers, and to administer random testing for employed teachers to ensure that these professionals are still working in the best interest of the students. More examinations should also be conducted to see that teachers are academically qualified to teach the subject and grade they are applying for.

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