• Do we need another Sandy hook?

    For one, The US doesn't want to take guns away. They want to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. If someone who is respectful, follows the law, and doesn't plan on killing any innocent people or children, wants to have a gun on them, that is fine! However, how do we know that someone gets a hold of a gun, has said gun on them, and figures it would be fine to wipe out a group of people? Guns wouldn't be taken away, just have a better grasp on not letting weapons fall into the wrong hands.

  • No freaking way!!!!!

    I would be ashamed to call myself an American if there was such a thing as gun control. I keep hearing about good, law abiding, American citizens, who have a license to cary a hand gun, get dragged into police stations. What can be done to prevent this, at least for now, is that every one who has a gun and a license to cary it should keep a small copy of the second amendment with there license or gun. We can not let Obama take our means of self defense away. That would leave us defenseless against, lets say, a mugger... Or an uprising government with the intent of treating us like a jew in a modern day holocaust. (I am not trying to be offensive in any way saying that and if i am i apologize. I am simply trying to get my point across.)

  • There is no way!

    The only reason there is such a thing as gun control is because the government can file it as a tax! Gun control goes against our second amendment rights!!!! We use guns to defend ourselves against others and the right of many does not outweigh the rights of one. Sure, some misuse guns but some misuse other things like money and power and we still give it to them!

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