• Protection and security

    They help us stay safe by providing protection to our country like little boy and fat man of WWII. Even though they are weapons of mass destruction, we can use them. They will strike fear into the enemy. Fear = control. I will also reduce our enemies military and provide order.

  • We Win Always

    Nuclear weapons can keep us safe by using them as a scare tactic to other countries. Other countries will not want to fight us when he threat of a nuclear weapon is present. They do not want to fight a country that can easily take them down. Nuclear weapons save people.

  • Tactical nukes keep the peace.

    In an ideal world, there shouldn't be tactical nuclear weapons. But we don't live in an ideal world. We do, however, live in a world where many wars have likely been reduced in scale or prevented completely because one or both sides could bring the possibility of complete annihilation into play.

  • Tactcial Nuclear Weapons a Deterrent

    Countries should be allowed to own tactical nuclear weapons. Only stable countries like the United States, England, and others deserve these weapons though. It's important to ensure that these stockpiles are properly protected and only used as a last resort. Otherwise, they become dangerous in the wrong hands these days.

  • Yes, they are a deterrent.

    Yes, there should be tactical nuclear weapons, because they can be an effective tool to prevent a war or to end it quickly. The United States determined that there would actually be less of a loss of life if they used nuclear weapons to end World War II, rather than to use a ground assault. This is where nuclear weapons can be effective.

  • No Nuclear Weapons

    I do not believe there should be any tactical nuclear weapons. In fact, I feel as though we would be far better off if we all dismantled our nuclear weapons programs. Nuclear weapons cause mass destruction and none of our governments should be using them or stockpiling them for use in the future.

  • No there should not.

    Tactical nuclear weapons should not be used or considered tactical. People do not need to use nuclear weapons for war and armies they need to find other means of detaining people without causing too much damage. We do not need more and worse ways of hurting people and making it worse.

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